Fabrication Company Begins Production On COVID-19 Protection Screens

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic BRAC Projects are using their skills to produce protection screens. The company is confident that its high quality will provide the best solution.

BRAC Projects are delighted to announce that they are using their unique set of skills and experience to help with the COVID-19 health pandemic. Over the next few months, the businesses will be producing protection screens to ensure that workers and customers can remain safe and the risk of airborne germs can be safely reduced.

The projection of droplets is believed to be one of the most common ways that the virus is spread. With the screens in place, this issue is avoided completely.

BRAC Projects will ensure that the new protection screens for COVID-19 will be delivered without delay and can be self-installed. The screens are designed to be easy to install for anyone.

The company claims that they provide a range of other benefits including being suitable for a wide selection of different companies and organizations. Since they can be installed quickly these screens will deliver immediate protection to anyone using them.

BRAC Projects are happy to provide a fully personalised solution with custom sizes, dimensions and shapes. The screens are completely transparent and will be perfect for safe, close interactions where it is necessary to be face to face. There is even a document and a speaking slot. This ensures that people can still be heard clearly and documents can be passed safely between different individuals.

The business is also keen to ensure that the right level of protection can be accessed by every business with affordable rates on all orders. From offices to receptions and shops, BRAC Projects is able to deliver COVID-19 protection for all with their new screens,

About BRAC Projects

BRAC Projects has over 40 years of experience with turnkey design as well as the installation and fabrication of furniture. The business offers its service to a variety of different sectors including education, commercial offices, schools and even leisure facilities.

The company strives to ensure that they provide a high standard of quality with every solution delivered on time. BRAC projects also aim to ensure that they deliver a brilliant after-sales service while maintaining a brilliant level of innovation. Personal, professional and efficient, the company believes they are perfectly suited to provide the ultimate form of protection for every type of business.

More information about the new service can be found on the business website. Alternatively, the company can be contacted directly using the information that follows.

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