Fable Studios New Advert Featured in Sky's SME250 Scheme

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Bristol-based video production company creates an advertising video that features in Sky's SME250 scheme. The advert was produced for up and coming financial company, RoosterMoney.

A new scheme from Sky Media allowed 250 SMEs the chance to get an advert onto television. All the submissions were made, and a small shortlist of winners were selected to appear on TV. Fable Studios were behind one of the winning adverts, producing an ad for fintech brand RoosterMoney.

Simple yet effective advertising
The core concept of the advert is very simple yet incredibly effective. Fable Studios hired child actors to talk about the product being advertised. This perfectly matched RoosterMoney's target audience as the product is an app and debit card aimed at children and families. The purpose of the product is to help kids learn about money and encourage more spending. By introducing children in the advert, it perfectly sets out who the target market is.

Other parts of the advert include stock footage from Shutterstock and simple graphics. Everything joins together to create a 30-second advert that gets straight to the point. Parents watching the ad will instantly be intrigued by its offering and keen to learn more. Most importantly, it's obvious what the product is and what it does. This leads to no confusion and helps to generate more leads.

The simplicity and upbeat nature of the advert makes it very watchable and replayable. It grabs the attention while still providing key information. Fable Studios could also show off the full spectrum of its talents with video production alongside motion graphics.

What is Sky's SME250 Scheme?
The SME250 scheme was originally the SME100 scheme. It was set up to allow small businesses to advertise on TV - either for the first time or for the first time in over 12 months. There was a total of £1m of free advertising available. The demand for the scheme was so much that this increased to £2.5 million, and 150 additional companies got a chance to be part of it.

RoosterMoney made it onto the scheme and employed the help of Fable Studios to create their advert. It received so much praise that it ended up being one of the winners that made it onto TV. The advert has also received lots of recognition across the media, with many websites pointing to it as one to watch.

About Fable Studios
Fable Studios is a small production company operating out of Bristol and providing a host of services for businesses across the UK. The company works as a production partner for clients, offering close assistance and support throughout the content creation cycle.

As well as developing marketing content, Fable Studios provides a multitude of innovative services. This includes viral content production, animations, motion graphics, and YouTube channel management. The business is committed to helping companies move through the digital age with the best visual content possible.

For more information on Fable Studios, you can visit the website here: https://fablestudios.tv/. Press enquiries can be directed to Rob Holder at info@fablestudios.tv. He's also reachable via telephone on 01179081360.

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