EZ House Buyers Expands Once More And Moves To New Headquarters In Austin, Texas

EZ House Buyers is expanding once again, and CEO Don McClain has moved the headquarters to a new location in Austin, Texas, providing a central hub through which to manage more locations.

EZ Home Buyers is a company that has gone from strength to strength thanks to a very simple premise. In a stagnant housing market many people want fast access to the equity locked up in their homes, and do not have time to wait eighteen months for the right buyer to come along. They offer to buy homes as-is, with fast closing times and a cash offer tailored to each individuals’ circumstances. This new model of real estate buying has been hugely popular with homeowners, and EZ House Buyers have now moved to a new headquarters in Austin, Texas to administrate their growing empire.

EZ House Buyers now makes guaranteed, fast cash offers for houses and commercial property not only in their initial Texas locations of Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Corpus Christi, but anywhere in the continental United States, with the service’s popularity growing rapidly in the California and Florida markets.

The new headquarters will enable the now coast-to-coast home buying company to house more staff and process more purchases while maintaining the same high quality of service. The new headquarters is part of a strategy created by CEO Don McClain to see the company’s consistent and dynamic growth continue in the coming years.

A spokesperson for EZ House Buyers explained, “We buy houses quickly, and this more than any other factor has been the key in unlocking so much trapped equity in our troubled housing market, helping people to move on with their lives and seek new opportunities away from where they became anchored during the house crisis almost ten years ago. The move to the new headquarters will help us continue this work and offer the same great service to more locations than ever, making it an exciting opportunity for homeowners across the US.”

About EZ House Buyers: EZ House Buyers helps property owners who need to sell their property quickly. They make a very fast, guaranteed cash offer, custom-tailored to the seller's unique circumstances, and offer the ability to close very quickly. The company is headed by CEO Don McClain and has been in business since 2013, expanding rapidly thanks to their highly respected, well reviewed service.

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Organization: EZ House Buyers
Phone: 512 366-8177
Website: http://www.ezhousebuyers.com/

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