Eye Covers For Sleeping Provide Creative Solution to Light Interference

SnoozeCovers eye mask for sleeping is attached to a pillowcase and helps to keep out electric and natural light while sleeping, following studies from the Center for Human Sleep Science.

Sleep is one of the most significant aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and the necessity of sleeping is something that all people share. However, anyone who has ever slept in a bright room or during the daytime while working night shifts understands how annoying light can be while trying to sleep. SnoozeCovers is working to solve this problem with its recently launched sleeping mask for men.

According to Paolo Dobrowolny, spokesperson for SnoozeCovers: “Up until today, the people who care about sleeping in the best environment with no lights had few choices other than blackout curtains or sleeping masks. SnoozeCovers now offers an easy, nice looking, and comfortable solution. Think about it as a blanket for your eyes. I invite anyone to try it for a week and contact me directly with their experience…it’s game-changing!”

The SnoozeCovers eye covers for sleeping are attached to pillowcases. A soft, natural cotton cover blocks out the unneeded light — a simple solution to the problem of light interference while sleeping. In addition, the clever design of these eye covers gives users the liberty to fold SnoozeCovers in any way they wish over their eyes, best suiting their own sleeping habits. Customers who yearn for sleep undisturbed by light can emulate the conditions of healthy, perfect darkness, and for full blackout conditions, the eye covers can easily fold over twice. Just a few minutes of sleep undisturbed by light can be highly beneficial, especially for those living in a city where perfect darkness seems impossible.

SnoozeCovers was inspired to create its innovative eye mask and pillow by studying the work of Matthew Walker, the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California. Walker’s book Why We Sleep makes a compelling case for how the ubiquitous use of electric lights at night has created a disturbance in human sleeping patterns. The imposition of artificial light into sleep is limitless: from phones going off, to lights in other rooms, and car and sleep lights from outside.

Those interested in sleep undisturbed by light can visit the SnoozeCovers official website or its Amazon storefront for more information.



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