Extremely Talented Up And Coming Author Set To Take 2023 By Storm

A great new author is ready to make waves in 2023 off the back of an award-winning year in 2022.

The book industry is a highly competitive space filled with hundreds of skilled writers. To make it in this world, authors must stand out and produce incredible novels that create extensive conversations. This is exactly what Mrs. Teresa A Swift managed with her debut historical fiction novel “Mint” in 2022. The book was a massive hit, seeing numerous awards and accolades come her way, and tipping her for more success in the future. With 2023 kicking off, she’s tipped to take the world by storm as she continues to express her growing talents. 

A Chilling Piece Of Historical Fiction

Mint is a wonderful work of historical fiction set in the year 1967. It follows a former slave called Sarah May Robertson - though everyone calls her Mint - as she recounts her life. At 110 years old, she lived through the terrors of slavery, detailing everything that happened in her past as a slave and then a free woman. Although the story starts in the era of slavery, her tenacity creates many opportunities for her later in life. The novel takes you on an extraordinary journey through the main character’s life, and, while a work of fiction, it’s a chilling account of what many people went through during that period. Teresa’s writing style brings the characters to life and makes you feel deep things about Mint and what she went through. 

The novel was an instant hit and a complete change from what Teresa previously published and filled a void within the book industry. With dozens of five-star reviews across popular book websites, it’s no surprise that audiences are keen to see what Teresa has in store in the future. 

An Award Winning Year

Mrs. Teresa A Swift won multiple awards following the publication and release of her hit novel Mint. She picked up the highly coveted 2022 Fiction Book of the Year Award from the Independent Author Network (IAN), beating out fantastic books from Ron McManis and Vanessa Caraveo respectively. This is an award that means a lot to up-and-coming authors as it shines a light on independent talents making their way into the industry. Previous winners have gone on to do big things, and critics believe Teresa can do the same. 

She also picked up an award from the Independent Book Review and was a winner of the 2022 Firebird Contest. As if that wasn’t enough, Teresa was presented with the Civil Liberties Award from the Elks of the World. 

There’s no doubt 2022 was a successful year for this highly talented author, and 2023 will continue in this vein as there is a sequel soon to be released. She’s been featured in an article in the Urban Sentinel Magazine that was published on March 3rd, 2023, offering more insight into her plans and what she hopes to achieve in the coming months. 

About Teresa A Swift

Teresa Ann Swift lives in Williamsburg, VA, with her husband Robert. She’s a mother and grandmother who started her writing career after working for twenty years in the mortgage industry. Aside from her novel “Mint”, she has self-published numerous children’s books and one other novel. She is also the co-founder of Need Change Now - a non-profit organization addressing global warming and its effects on low-to-moderate-income minority communities. 

Find more information on Teresa or her work, by visiting https://teresaaswift.com/ or https://rb.gy/x7sdhx

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