Extreme Views Expands Range Of Services To Include YouTube Comments, Likes and Subscribes

Extreme Views offers view count services for YouTube videos and has now expanded to include comments, likes and subscribes to bolster a video’s perceived popularity.

YouTube is not only one of the most popular websites on the internet. Thanks to Google’s partner program, original content creators can now earn a reasonable living from videos that generate high traffic. Generating enough traffic to be considered as a partner can however be difficult, no matter the quality of the content created, and this presents a problem to many businesses and individuals who wish to improve their online reputation with high ranking video content. ExtremeViews.com has been providing YouTube views to help with this for years, but has now expanded to include other popularity signifiers such as likes, comments and subscribers.

The new services allow users to give other indications of popularity seen on YouTube which in turn bolsters the authenticity of a view count. A high view count with no likes or comments can be seen as suspicious both by viewers and by YouTube moderators.

Extreme Views offers real comments, real likes and real subscribers from 50-1,000 per day at a rate users can set, so they can decide if they want a flash in the pan response to the video or a slow and steady build in popularity spread over a longer time. The services are offered at similarly competitive rates to their already industry leading views service.

A spokesperson for Extreme Views explained, “The truth of the matter is that in order to have a successful product, it requires so-called ‘early adopters’ who become evangelists of the product- trendsetters among their friends and networks who amount to about 13.5% of the population. With YouTube, the view count, the amount of likes, and the number of channel subscribers are all indicators that replace the early adopter in physical life. By buying an amount of any of these from us, content creators bypass the need for early adopters as their content is already perceived to be enthusiastically ‘endorsed’, enhancing confidence in others to like, share and subscribe.”

About Extreme Views:
Extreme Views have been established for over four years in the YouTube business. They work with several large artists, companies and individuals promoting their channel and videos. They offer anything and everything YouTube related, including; YouTube Views (World Wide, GEO Views, Retention Views), Likes, Comments, Subscribers and Favorites.

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