Extreme Tactical Dynamics Launches New and Improved Website

Known for serving emergency services with a range of products, Extreme Tactical Dynamics recently launched a new and upgraded website. A host of new features are included to help make the site more user-friendly and responsive.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics have unveiled a new-look website that comes equipped with additional tools and upgrades. The company is keen to bring their business into the modern era with a brand new design that improves the way the site functions and is set up. It’s hoped that this responsive site will elicit a far better user experience than before, which helps enhance the reputation of the company.

New Upgrades For User’s To Enjoy

The website displays a plethora of upgrades - including tweaks to the overall design and layout, bringing the site into the world of contemporary web design. It now responds automatically when loaded up on different devices, instantly changing the layout to fit the screen.

Amongst the upgrades, there is a Color Selector Tool that now lets customers pick and choose the different colors for any emergency lighting products on the website. It offers a deeper level of customization that wasn’t present before, giving customers far more choice.

Alongside this, there’s also the inclusion of a Rewards Program on the website. Repeat customers will enjoy the benefits of showing their loyalty by having access to this program via the site. It’s a way for Extreme Tactical Dynamics to show returning customers that they’re appreciated and that they’re valued.

Changes to the customer support functionality on the website have also been made. With the newly upgraded site, users can use Facebook Live Messanger to get in touch with the company. This tool has been added to the Live Chat function, making it a lot easier for customers or consumers to ask questions and get immediate answers.

A Reputation For Quality

Extreme Tactical Dynamics has been providing emergency services with a variety of emergency lighting and vehicle accessories for many years. Established in 2005, they made a commitment to servicing those who serve the rest of the country. They’re renowned for high-quality products that work well for first responders across the board, and this is now reflected in the new website.

The upgraded site was developed with customer’s in mind from the very beginning. Web design cannot be underestimated in the business world as it plays a crucial role in how people view a company and respond to what they see. By making a note of user feedback from the previous site - along with following updated web design trends - the company was able to build this new site and make it a more accurate reflection of the business. As time goes on, more features may be added to the site depending on further feedback from users. Therefore, the experience will only get better and better.

To check out the brand new website, head to https://www.extremetacticaldynamics.com. All press inquiries can be directed to Chris Dallmann, either via email: etd.customerservice@gmail.com, telephone: 1-888-893-3308 or by post: 1410 Park Lane SouthSuite #4Jupiter, Florida33458.

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