Extreme Health Zone Releases New, Free Video Conveying 6 Easy Tips For Better Living

New video gives an introduction to the kind of practical, effective, health, well-being, and fitness ideas countless fans of the site already enjoy and benefit from, Extreme Health Zone reports

Extreme Health Zone, a leading online destination for those interested in the subjects of weight loss and personal fitness, announced the release of a new, free video. Designed to give new visitors to the site a taste of what it has to offer, the video conveys six simple tips that can be used with little effort to raise everyday energy levels and increase overall health. The video is available, entirely free of charge, to those who sign up on the Extreme Health Zone website, where a wide variety of equally valuable resources also await.

"While most of our efforts here at Extreme Health Zone center on producing high-quality, actionable, information-rich articles, reviews, and guides," representative Ana McToren said, "we also have a history of creating some really compelling multimedia offerings. Our new, free video adds to that tradition." Founded by longtime entrepreneur and physical-fitness enthusiast Keith Baxter, Extreme Health Zone collects a wide variety of health, fitness, and weight loss-related materials in one place. Visitors to the site can enjoy all of its offerings without charge or the need to register, although those who do opt to take advantage of the site's free membership option enjoy some additional benefits.

In addition to producing a steady stream of highly-regarded, general-interest health and fitness articles, Extreme Health Zone has become known as a premier source for those seeking information about a variety of weight loss formulas, dietary supplements, and other health-related products. The site's look at the realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1, for example, has been referred to extensively by a number of the country's best-known weight loss experts, as it provides an in-depth, objective perspective on the product of a sort that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Extreme Health Zone's take on the marine-d3 anti-aging product has been similarly influential, particularly insofar as it raises a number of questions and important points that had, up until the publishing of the report, gone entirely unremarked upon elsewhere. Committed to maintaining a level of professionalism and depth of research that stretches as far back as the company's early look at the BioTrust ic-5 supplement, Extreme Health Zone continues today to raise the bar for objectivity and review quality as new products come under consideration.

"Gaining access to our great new video is as simple as visiting our site and filling out a quick form," McToren concluded, "and we hope that many new visitors will come by and discover what we have to offer." The newly released video, available free of charge at the Extreme Health Zone website, serves as an excellent introduction to the practical, results-focused style that characterizes the rest of the company's content. Visitors to the site will also be able to enjoy the many product reviews, lifestyle tips, weight loss and training strategies, and other offerings that have made it such a highly regarded resource.

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Founded and led by longtime entrepreneur Keith Baxter, Extreme Health Zone serves up the Internet's deepest, richest collection of in-depth, practical, health- and fitness-related reviews, guides, and tips.

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