ExTrance Combines Blockchain, AI, And Real Estate Investing

Founded by tech investment specialist, William Lively, EXtrance is a new blockchain-enabled platform bringing the power of AI to improve real estate investing. This blockchain technology makes it easier for members of limited partnerships to buy, sell, and manage their assets.

While offering General Partners, total investor management services. EXtrance is a groundbreaking, Blockchain and AI-based, online investment management tool for capital sources and general partners in real-estate focused Limited Partnerships.

EXtrance’s three most important components are its private solicitation ecosystem and marketplace, its customized investor dashboard, and its full-service investor management. By creating a private, online ecosystem for limited partnership investors, private solicitations of investment opportunities can be made, widening the net of possible buyers. Thereby lowering potential investment discounts and shortening the time from exit interest to the sale. With a personal profile that shows a users’ investment, past performance, any investment updates, and incorporates many user-friendly AI-based analytical investment tools, investors now can truly feel like they are a part of, and in control of their investment.

Utilizing blockchain, AI, and ERC20 contract enforcement, EXtrance brings a whole new take to investor management. From automated distributions to infallible record keeping, strong legal contract enforcement, unique and personalized communication tools, automated tax generation, and benefit maximization tools the system is truly comprehensive.

The key member of the EXtrance team is the owner William Lively. Lively began his career at an investment firm, DCI Capital Advisors, one of the first blockchain investment firms in the U.S. where, as a partner, his chief responsibilities included fundraising efforts and emerging markets business development. In late 2017, he left that firm to co-found a financial services technology firm, SyndEX Labs, that focused on institutional, global commercial real estate. He grew that company from a garage “startup” into a 25mm company as its CEO and chairman for three years.

Lively oversaw the building of the first blockchain-based CRE investor ecosystem that provided divestment services for large family offices; he built and managed a strategic partnership with IBM, the first of its kind, and with the Americas Group; he developed SEC-compliant protocols working hand-in-hand with legal counsel and select broker-dealers; he raised millions of dollars in equity financing for the company and secured over 1.1BB in asset commitments.

Mr. Lively resigned from day to day management of the company in May of 2020 to focus on EXtrance, however, he still remains a significant stockholder and activist for SyndEX Labs. Always the visionary, Lively saw the need for a product more tailored to smaller institutions and limited partnerships, a wholly underrepresented group in the utilization of the most advanced real-estate total management technology.

To learn more about EXtrance, its features, the owner and founder William Lively, and how it aims to help capital sources and general partners with their real estate investments, you can visit the website at EXtrance.io.

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