Express Smile Atlanta Reportedly Rated No. 1 for Best Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Express Smile Atlanta’s home teeth whitening kits are the most sought after products among people who appreciate the spirit of a genuine smile and affordable dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene holds crucial importance for millions of people from all over the world. Especially if such individuals hold a celebrity status or have to interact with friends and colleagues on daily basis, their smile accounts for the very first impression.

Express Smile Atlanta offers a multitude of teeth whitening kits that help users on the go. The company was founded in 2013, and has garnered a cult like following among thousands of socially conscious households. All thanks to their convenient and easily affordable products, the online business has become the number one brand with a slew of handy items that not only work as advertised, but also have long lasting results.

Express Smile Atlanta owes its success to a special formula implemented within a teeth whitening kit that blocks stains and oxidizes teeth for maximum results. Furthermore, the added combination of carefully calculated hydrogen peroxide, peppermint, glycerin and naturally occurring ingredients help restore teeth to their former glory within a very short time period. Consumers usually don’t have to go beyond 3rd sitting in an effort to polish their teeth to a shiny white shade as seen in many average cases.

Unlike conventional take-home whitening kits that are already available in the market, Express Smile Atlanta relies heavily on sourcing within the U.S.A. It is important to maintain quality and performance standards which the company has been known for so long. However, as part of ensuring that all Express Smile Atlanta products meet FDA and USDA standards, their prices may seem a little high at times.

The online business has recently announced the availability of their latest All-American-Made 5X Power Pro LED and several other accessories that sub-standard companies don’t have access to. In addition, several Hollywood celebrities recently endorsed Express Smile Atlanta Home Teeth Whitening Kit for helping them to maintain highest standards of dental hygiene through an affordable solution.

These endorsements were completely unbiased and merit based as opposed to aggressive marketing campaigns in which most of the companies indulge these days. In related news, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian endorsed Express Smile Atlanta teeth whitening products for their outstanding results.

The high percentage of modern cosmetic dentistry comes with an extensive price range. These prices are often out of reach and normally discourage ordinary folks to avail such services in the first place. However, Express Smile Atlanta ensures cleaning of discolored teeth through a wide range of exclusive take home teeth whitening products which can be used anywhere; anytime.

About Express Smile Atlanta:

Express Smile Atlanta is a U.S. based online company known for its slew of teeth whitening kits and accessories. Since its inception, the company has become a go-to source for people from all walks of life. Express Smile Atlanta recently secured numerous TV spots, celebrity endorsements and free media coverage based on proven results which have helped bestow millions of users with everlasting smiles.

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