Express Shoe Outlet Launches Latest Footwear Line in Answer to Running Injury Stats

Offering a widely acclaimed running shoe lineup at discount prices makes safety and comfort accessible to more people, publishes

Statistics from the medical field indicate 65 percent of runners experience an injury each year. While a portion of these are the result of improper training techniques, inadequate equipment is also largely responsible. In many cases, this stems from choice of running shoe. With this in mind, Matthew Williams of Express Shoe Outlet has launched the company's latest discounted high quality footwear.

Said Williams, "We're proud to announce we now offer the nike air max 2014 line for athletes and casual wearers alike. This brand has been a public favorite for almost 40 years now and is designed around comfort as well as stability. Many of the features the air max line offers are geared toward helping prevent common injuries faced by runners. It's definitely a must-have model for those who want optimum comfort without sacrificing performance."

Among the injuries most often plaguing runners is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Characterized by knee pain when sitting, climbing and at the beginning and final stages of workouts, this condition is primarily caused by repetitive movements and overuse of the joints involved. Similarly caused by repetition and the ravages of time, Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, also known as Runner's Knee, is distinguished by pain, tenderness and swelling. Shin Splints likewise result from continual trauma due to running in improper footwear.

The nike air max selection is widely acclaimed for its light weight. Representatives of the leading athletic wear designer and manufacturer note this trait is gained by replacing traditionally cumbersome mid-sole materials for the air max line's signature cushioning technology. This same aspect is designed to absorb impact, providing greater protection for joints and muscles. Because the unique trauma reducing attribute is engineered to return to its initial shape following each footfall, this model also provides durability.

Williams concluded, "Members of the air max lineup are highly sought after because of their full-length air displacement unit, lightweight out-sole and comfort-driven interior, yet this model receives upgrades with each new release. Athletes have a diverse range of expectations from their footwear, and the air max is designed to meet all these regardless of the wearer's foot type, pronation, body mass, preferred training surface or any other consideration involved. With our discounted prices, more runners can experience this level of comfort and safety without going over their budgets."

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