Exposed- Forty Years of Secrets and Lies to Cover Up Killer Addiction

It is clear human have a growing food addiction. But they rarely call it by that name.

Food addiction is a touchy subject. Those who cause it want it kept secret. Pushing and profiting from an addiction, that affects more than 60% of the population. Is not a good look for the food industry to present to the world.

Food addiction is the human body’s response to foods not acceptable to the digestive system. That includes sugar, pasta, bread, flour cereal etc. These are all twentieth century, human made foods. They are not suitable for an age old digestive system.

Human beings are part of evolution. As they evolved, so did their diet. The human body was never given the ability to adapt to human intervention. When fake processed foods were introduced, it was assumed that people would simply adapt.

For the body to do so, would require a complete overhaul of the digestive system. The human body can only change through evolution. That takes eons, not decades. That is why modern, processed foods cannot be made to suit the human body.

This has not slowed the food industry's efforts to make people adapt to their products. Their push has led to an obesity epidemic and a new, deadly disease, called diabetes type 2. They succeed because their customers are addicted to their products.

Forcing the human body to process alien foods, must cause a negative reaction. That reaction is food addiction. But the food industry avoids those words. Instead they use labeling. They label it a Food Obsession, Eating Disorder, or Binge Eating, but never Food Addiction.

Eating Disorders are considered psychological. It infers blame on those who suffer from it. As opposed to the people who cause it. That means the condition is treated medically, by Psychiatrists, and Psychologists. Treatment involves long term analysis and medication.

It leaves the food industry safe from unwelcome accusations. It can take many years, if ever, to cure Eating Disorders. But treated as food addiction, the objective becomes a cure. That is a short term process, that will also eliminate the weight.

Clearly this is not a welcomed solution for the food industry. But this is an industry with powerful friends. Like the government, who has allowed them a say in the new food plate. It tells people the right foods to eat, and controls school lunches.

The food industry now controls the food given to kids for school lunches. They already control their breakfast. They can groom every school child for food addiction. Those who do not become addicted at home, will get the result at school.

Today there is a campaign. To make people believe that human energy comes from processed foods. It’s a notion that fits in with food industry 'research'. The fact is: Human energy is derived from proteins. Carbohydrates merely provide the fuel.

Today kids go to school, their bellies filled with empty, processed cereals. This is followed by an equally empty lunch. It is assumed this will prime their little brains with energy to learn. In reality, it is a minor miracle, that they can study at all.

Food guidelines are not created to benefit kids. They are there to protect the food industry. How else can they continue to prosper and profit from an addiction. The fact is. If food addiction is unmasked, so is the food industry.

Today food addiction is a bonanza. The same way tobacco addiction was a bonanza forty years ago. Keeping it secret makes good business sense. Grain growers benefit from food addiction. This is viewed as one less problem for governments. So they approve.

This tells the food industry, they can continue to profit from food addiction, far into the future. The only people involved, who do not benefit from food addiction, are the food addicts. But it is the old adage. Somebody always has to pay.

Food addiction causes morbid obesity and diabetes type 2. These are diseases that did not exist till processed foods became a standard part of the daily diet. Diet related diseases, like heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer, have greatly increased in the same period.

Less serious, but equally noticeable, is the growing rate of Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing. Food addiction is not benign. It kills people. Today food addicts represent more than 60% of the population. This is expected to reach 86% by 2030.

If this rate continues to escalate, human beings may be extinct by the 22nd century.

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