‘Explosion’ Producer Ma Xue to Dedicate Herself to Cultural Exchange between China and the USA

With her produced film Explosion being screened in the USA and one more film expected to be released in North America in 2018, Chinese investor is looking to work toward strengthening the cultural ties between the USA and the Far East.

Ma Xue, a Beijing native who graduated from Peking University with dual degrees in Korea and art, is a successful film and television producer, an investor, a South Korean entertainment expert and an entertainment program designer. Recently, one of her produced films, Explosion, hit the theatres in North America and she was interviewed by the Huffington Post. The director of Asian Pacific Film Festival told Huffington Post that she will strive to strengthen the cultural bond between China and the USA.

Ma Xue expressed her gratitude to the overseas distributors who helped with the release of her films in the USA. She said that her production team has produced several seasonal TV shows and reality shows such as “Running Man”, “Dad, Where Are We Going” and “With You All the Way”.

“The copyright of “With You All the Way” is now owned by an American company.” said one of her PR managers, “Additionally, Ma Xue also invested in a Hollywood film which was produced by a US-based Production Company. Our company has also bought copyrights of an American movie, and we are going to make a Chinese remake of it. There’s also an animation film which is still in production stage and we are looking at more meaningful collaborations with American scriptwriters and film technicians. Ma Xue is now aiming at taking Chinese culture to the world and importing more and more cultural elements from the West to China”.

Huffington Post also reported that Ma Xue and her team are gearing up to produce a high-quality film and the production is expected to start mid-2018. Besides Explosion, a 3D fantasy film produced by her team, “the Thousand Faces of Dunjia”, is scheduled to be released in North America in December this year and “RuYingSuiXin” will be released in 2018.

“I could feel people’s desire for diversified entertainment products and entertainment stars under marketization operation, which is possibly related to my rich and solid experience in artists managing, records, commercial performances, variety shows, movie and television production and copyright in recent years”, Ma Xue, the recipient of the 2016 “Cultural Exchange Award” granted by minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Korea was quoted by Huffington Post, the news and opinion website.


Ma Xue is an independent investor, producer and cultural enthusiast.

To read the full interview, visit https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-film-explosion-is-being-shown-in-north-america_us_5a2c0983e4b022ec613b8299


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