Explaindio ONE Has Launched: The First Animation, Doodle Sketch, And Motion Video Creation Software

In today's competitive marketplace, videos are what you must have to promote your product on social media posts, as well as create video ads to convert viewers to visitors and visitors to buyers.

Fortunately, a system called Explaindio ONE has been introduced to support marketers with the entire marketing funnel, from spotting their video post or ad, to engage their viewers. Explaindio ONE is a powerful app allowing marketers to create videos which help them draw attention of audience instantly, generate leads, explain the product, and sell it. Now even complete newbies can create attention-grabbing promo and ad videos when they use the product.

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Once purchasing Explaindio ONE, marketers will have an opportunity to lay their hands on a powerful animation, doodle sketch, and motion video creation system which is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Not only that, they also receive 200 DFY animated scenes which are customizable with their content such as colors, text, image, and videos, etc.

The product’s owner also provides users with 800 Doodle Sketch Images which is a collection including both black line and color images, 100 Full HD Background Videos as well as Background Audio Tracks that make their video richer.

Moreover, in order to help marketers fully utilize the power of Explaindio ONE, several video tutorials are included inside the product so they can easily follow the steps of using the soft. They can also access to Explaindio closed Facebook group which allows them to make friends with other video creators, enhance their video creation skills, as well as receive feedback for their videos.

Explaindio ONE was carefully designed so that users can make use of it without needing any video production experience. The tool enables anyone regardless of their experience level to create eye-catching and high-quality videos.

More powerful features of Explaindio ONE app can be found on their official website when clicking in here.

According to the producer, marketers always need to stand out from the crowd in order to be successful. They need to be able to make all types of videos, including animated and whiteboard in addition to typical motions or live footage. And Explaindio One video creator enables them to do just that.

By using Explaindio One soft, marketers are able to make and sell promo and ad videos, along with explainer and sales videos. This tool helps marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs avoid wasting a lot of money to buy expensive video creation systems or hiring experts to make the type of video which can be easily made with Explaindio One.

“Explaindio is a great tool which I have used for client projects as well as my own marketing. It's simplicity allows me to be creative without having to learn difficult programs. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Explaindio” quoted by Adam Binder, a happy user of this innovative software.

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