Experts Advise Gold Is Better Investment Than Stocks And Currencies

Experts have recently urged consumers to bear in mind that despite the recent price drop of gold, it is still a far better investment than options such stocks and shares.

Many financial analysts have recently advised that even though the price of gold has been plummeting over the past few weeks, it is still a far better investment than alternatives such as stocks, bonds and currencies. One of the reasons pushed forward by those analysts is that theyellow metal’s purchasing power has increased hugely over the decades.

The recent drop in the price of gold has resulted in increased concerns amongst consumers with regards to whether they should still invest in it. Analysts are reminding American investors that investing in gold was never meant to be a short-term investment. Precious metals have shown a great return over the long-term, but the occasional drops in prices have been common over the short-term.

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A representative from the Gold IRA Guide said: "Many consumers have started to worry about whether gold is still worth investing in. However, even though the price of gold may have dropped recently, it is still a far superior investment option than alternatives such as stocks, currencies, bonds, and similar investment options. Over the last century, gold has not just managed to maintain its purchasing power but has increased it considerably. In 1920, an ounce of gold would be a man a nice suit. Today, that same ounce can buy two men's suits. This gives potential investors an idea of how the purchasing power of this valuable metal has increased."

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