Expert In PTSD And Trauma, Michael Cortina Has A Revolutionary Treatment Proving That People Can Live Optimally

Using specialized therapy and brain optimization, Michael Cortina is changing lives. Many people who have worked with him have testified to his professionalism and ability to help them rediscover themselves

PTSD and trauma are serious issues in today’s world, affecting the young and seniors, men and women, veterans, as well as professionals in every industry. Michael Cortina, LCSW, LCAC, CRRT, a Trauma Resolution Expert, expert trainer, speaker, and consultant has dedicated his entire career to showing people how to overcome trauma and PTSD to optimize their brain and life.

His revolutionary method for trauma and PTSD survivors uses modalities like Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Neuro Linguistic Programming, memory reconsolidation, and life transformation programs that provide essential healing solutions in the short and long term.

He works with high-achieving professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and veterans to assist them in overcoming trauma and PTSD in a single visit. Michael is not just an expert but someone who is caring, genuine, passionate, hardworking, and always ready to provide help to improve the lives of people he works with. Just one visit is enough to change a person’s life.

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Many people today have gone through very difficult situations in life, such as trauma, PTSD, anxiety, grief, abuse and so on, which usually affects their personal performance, relationships, career and life. Michael is a trained expert who understands the effects of trauma and PTSD and has spent most of his life training and consulting people on how to overcome their emotional pain and become a better version of themselves.

Michael’s desire is to help create a world where everyone has a chance to transform their life in a way they never anticipated, through RRT. Over the years, he has worked with trauma and PTSD survivors including top company executives, professionals in various industries, veterans, special operations forces, and everyday people. His many years of experience have helped him understand in-depth the neuroscience and brain processes of people going through such a situation and what they need to succeed.

Apart from training and programs, Michael also connects with his audience by studying their personal situations and providing them with specific solutions. This means that he treats everyone special and determines the right approach to their specific situation.

People attending his programs have testified that just one session is enough to drastically change a person’s life. Hundreds of testimonies abound and more people are finding meaning to their life. Michael is on a mission to bring Rapid Resolution Therapy to the masses so that millions of people can overcome and heal from trauma, PTSD, and other life problems.

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