Experience the Wonders of Space like Never Before with the BAHA Glowing Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Capture the Feeling of Space with a Glowing & Wooden Jigsaw Picture.

For as long as humanity has existed, looking up at the sky and imagining the possibilities. The Baha Glowing Space Puzzle, allows dreamers to experience the magic of space right within their own home.

The Baha Wall Glowing Space Puzzle offers a delightful experience for children and adults alike from ages 5 to 100. Everyone will be able to recreate a complete solar system while exploring all the planets and their unique locations. The Baha puzzle is currently live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success story have raised 150% of their initial raise goal.

"Since childhood, we have been fascinated by the unexplored expanses of space. We were dreaming of traveling in spaceships and meeting new forms of life. That is why our designers have created puzzles with a unique space theme design. Adults and children will love our puzzles. It's time to go to space adventure with Baha,” says Binam CEO Andrei Sobal on the inspiration behind the project.

The Baha Space Puzzle give users a unique experience to travel to space. It consists of unique designed figures which are connected with a space theme which allow for creative play and allowing children of all ages to utilize their imagination during epic space travel adventures. Once the lights are off, the puzzles glow in a dazzling array of different colors which provide for breathtaking scenic moments in the dark, making for a truly magical experience while allowing users to live out their most vivid dreams.

“Baha Puzzle will give you a chance to travel to space. Our puzzles help to relieve stress, keep the brain pumping, improve motor skills and is a great exercise for the eyes. It is no a secret that puzzles help visually-impaired people as it is a great training apparatus for eyes,” adds Marketing Director Mikhail Prakapovich. “Baha Puzzles encourages a person to focus the vision on one detail. This simple process strengthens the retinal fibers. 20 minute daily puzzle sessions increase your attentiveness, improve memory, reduce stress, increase IQ and erudition. It can also be used to prevent certain diseases.”

The Baha Jigsaw Space Puzzle is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/binam/illuminated-space-wall-puzzle-from-wood-for-adults-and-kids

About Binam

Binam – is a company if enthusiasts who are keen on creating interesting Baha products on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms so to involve people in the process and do not leave anyone indifferent. Our goal is to stay in the hearts of our clients and to be associated with the best moments of their life. Conquest of Elbrus together with Baha shovel and best ideas while lying under the space Baha puzzle – That is What Really Inspires Us!


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