Experience Futuristic Space Dreams with The Scintilla Collection Architectural Lighting Collection

Live on Kickstarter, The Scintilla Collection is an architectural lighting collection inspired by childhood escapism into futuristic space dreams.

The Scintilla Collection, an all-new architectural lighting collection inspired by childhood escapism into futuristic space dreams, is live on global crowdfunding Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

As a child, nothing quite fuels the dream filled escapes as much as aviation and the wonder of space. The Scintilla Collection from designer Max Leishman hopes to capture those feelings with a stunning series of decorative pendant lights.

"The Scintilla Collection is the manifestation of quite a few elements. As a kid when I was a lot younger, I would assemble aircraft model kit planes and hang them up on my ceiling. I became totally lost in that place of, planes flying around, space travel and the future. Those childhood moments definitely imprinted themselves within my adult consciousness. Those visions I brought into my adult life, envisioning a reality heavily influenced by design visionaries like the late Syd Mead and now more currently Daniel Simon. A type of retro space future, seen in movies such as Tron, Oblivion & Bladerunner,” says founder Max Leishman on the inspiration behind the project. “These creative dreams ultimately breed a design language that is incredibly minimalist, sculptural and refined. Paired with the same minimalist raw material pallet and you end up with objects that are objects forever, never to be thrown away, future antiques.”

The Scintilla Collection arrives as finished modular pieces, which are characterized by a minimalist, yet distinctive diamond halo of light. The diamonds are manufactured from an investment casting process of solid aluminum and brass. Meanwhile, the entire collection assembles together with custom machined and printed metal components. This makes the customization possibilities endless and seamlessly ever evolving; easily adapting to any area of space in suitable fashion.

“Just as we once sat by a campfire as hunter gatherer tribespeople; modern lighting, like the fires of yore, is what enables us to connect by providing an environment to come together to socialize, share stories and build relationships. The Scintilla Collection and light itself allows us to maintain and grow these incredibly important social and living activities. The Scintilla Collection does this in its own unique way,” adds Leishman.

Escape into the wonder filled dreams of childhood with The Scintilla Collection— currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/maxleishman/the-scintilla-collection

About Max Leishman

I am a designer living and working in Melbourne Australia. I studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology attaining a double degree in Design Furniture & Bachelor of Industrial Design with Honors. My studio directs a high focus on architectural lighting.All works are hand assembled in my Melbourne studio, working with a diverse range of local and international manufacturers covering a vast amount of materials and processes.

Art glass, metals and castings are continually experimented with fusing themselves to a heavily or lightly dosed design language triggering the users imagination. Places I would drift back too in my childhood from assembling model aviation aircraft and becoming totally immersed into futurist visionaries. This philosophy captures the connection between object and user. An emotional fascination that spans across generational lifetimes. For more information on Max Leishman please visit www.maxleishman.com


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