"Expensive" China Sourcing Agent Company Turns Out To Be A Bargain

A competitive consumer market is choking profits out of American businesses. Outsourcing to China can save money if they do it right.

A competitive consumer market is choking profits out of American businesses. Outsourcing to China can save money if they do it right.

When you look online for wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China it seems pretty easy and straightforward. But problems arise after you pay your deposit.

"You don't really know who you are dealing with when you pick a supplier based on their website" says Roger Budhrani of Arcadia Sourcing.

Based in Hong Kong, Roger has been running a China sourcing agent company for over 30 years. He says "it is critical to match the right supplier or manufacturer with the specific requirements of the client".

A relatively inexpensive option could be to hire an independent sourcing agent. If it's just one person they will have limited skills, limited connections and not enough hours in a day to do everything you need to get a quality product manufactured in China.

Sourcing agent companies have several sourcing agents, engineers, product specialists, shipping specialists and more. The right sourcing agency can manage your project from start to finish. You get regular progress reports and a quality product delivered on time.

Paying for all these services sounds expensive, but in reality, miscommunications and problems happen that can cause expensive delays and mistakes in manufacturing. If you have someone who can go directly to the factory to do quality inspections and make decisions on the spot, you can save a lot of time and money.

Reggie Pande of Arcadia Sourcing says "Outsourcing to China may seem like a good idea until you start looking at the details."

A full-service sourcing agent company in China, located near the factory where your product is being manufactured can save time, money and aguish.

Who needs a sourcing agent in China?
* People who have no experience in importing
* People who have multiple product categories to deal with
* Large retailers and supermarkets
* People who deal in specialized product categories
* People who want to pay less and get a better quality product.

Doing it on your own or trying to save money by not hiring a proper sourcing agent company sounds like a good idea initially, but in reality, the right full-service sourcing agency can be a real asset to your business.

Roger and his staff at Arcadia Sourcing are fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. They can bring the people and resources together to develop an idea to the production stage, negotiate prices, monitor and manage the whole process right up to delivery.

As a professional sourcing agent in China for over 30 years, Roger and his team personally know hundreds of manufacturing companies, their specializations and the resources they can bring to the table.

With his experience, he is able to match the startup company’s needs to exactly the right China manufacturing company.

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