Expected Increase in Pet Travel During the Holidays Prompts Safety Reminders

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As people begin traveling for the holidays again, here's a few important tips on how to keep pets safe while going home to celebrate.

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TYLER, TX, (December 1, 2021) – As the 2021 holiday season ramps up, industry experts predict travel will return to near pre-pandemic levels. Following 18-months of social distancing and delayed get-togethers, American families and friends are looking forward to a more normal, in-person holiday experience. Since 67% of American homes include a pet, and 95% of pet owners consider pets as furry family members, the numbers suggest many pets will come along to help celebrate.

CitizenShipper, the country’s leading two-way marketplace pet transportation platform, offers the following reminders and tips to make holiday pet travel merry and less stressful for everyone. “It’s tempting to just grab your pet and go!” said Mara Alvarez, CitizenShipper’s Customer Support Manager. “But distance traveling with a pet can provide challenges that can be avoided with just a bit of advance planning. We’ve provided an overview of the best practices for drivers who utilize our site to prepare a pet for travel.”

According to Alvarez the most important issue to address before heading to a distant locale for the holidays is to confirm a pet is welcome. Uncle David may love dogs, but that does not mean he loves another dog in his house for four days. Make sure the pet is on the guest list. Have transparent conversations early with hosts about their willingness to host pets. Consider the presence of other pets and everything that is associated with unfamiliar animals sharing close quarters with people they do not know. If there are any concerns, there is still plenty of time to find a reputable, qualified boarding or make other arrangements.
If traveling by air, be sure to check out airline guidelines soon - like now. Many of the rules regarding pets on planes changed during COVID-19. There are also limits on each flight as to how many animals may be in the cabin at one time. Early action can ensure the pet is allowed on board. The Humane Society has additional information regarding cargo travel and other suggestions for flying with a pet.

Regardless of whether traveling by land or by air, a pet needs to be prepared for the journey. For pets that are flying, whether in the cabin or cargo, each airline posts carrier requirements in their guidelines which are mandatory. For ground travel, Lazar Jovanovic, the head of CitizenShipper’s driver’s team, believes a secured, appropriately-sized pet carrier is essential. “The idea of your pet snuggled on your lap for the trip is appealing. But like their human owners, unsecured pet’s can be injured or worse even in a fender bender,” said Jovanic. “In addition, unrestrained animals in a moving vehicle can result in a traffic violation depending on what states you cross. To be safe, you may want to find out what ones apply to your journey.”

In addition to a proper pet carrier and other obvious items like food and treats, include bottled water and a water bowl, any necessary medications, the pet’s medical history, an extra leash, and of course, a favorite toy or two. Think about creating a list of emergency vets along the route just in case something unexpected occurs. Finally, make a list of the items the pet will need and use it while packing a pet’s “to-go” bag to ensure comfort throughout the trip.

If holiday travel requires overnight accommodations, locate and reserve pet-friendly lodging in advance. The good news is that the hospitality industry has embraced the concept of pets traveling with their owners. Most now allow pets, but may require an additional security deposit. If accommodations that welcome pets are not available, consider a trusted boarding establishment. Attempting to “sneak” a pet in a motel or leaving an animal alone in a car overnight can have tragic circumstances.

Flexibility is also key when traveling with a pet. Plan on stopping often for bathroom breaks and periodic exercise. Always keep a pet leashed during travel pit stops - accidents involving other cars and people can happen quickly. Remember the animal will be in an unfamiliar area. No one wants a lost pet miles from home or a mad dash through the airport.

There are also individuals who want to vacation with pets, but not travel with them. For these individuals, a reputable, trusted pet transporter offers a solution. “Pet travel can be stressful, so sometimes, the best solution is placing a pet in the hands of a professional and connecting at the destination,” said Jovanovic.

The key takeaway is packing up a pet for holiday travel requires advance planning and preparation to ensure everyone arrives at the destination and arrives back home healthy, happy and safe. Additional information on how to prepare pets for travel is available on CitizenShipper’s blog.

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