Exotic Betta Fish are Now Available in the USA

Hand selected Betta Fish are only a few clicks away at JV Betta

Sarasota, FL - JV Betta, the number 1 online betta fish store is officially here, offering premium exotic betta fish which can be shipped directly to buyers' doorsteps.

JV Betta is a family owned and operated online betta fish store based in Sarasota, Florida. They breed and sell exotic bettas including multicolor, koi, galaxy koi, half moon plakat, and more. They ship premium betta fish worldwide and are currently offering national priority shipping of their betta fish and betta fish supplies. The store carries live betta fish for sale as well as supplies for your betta fish, like betta tanks, betta starter kits, betta food, and more.

JV Betta Fish for Sale was born out of a lifetime of love for these beautiful and unique tropical fish. The owners researched and studied and talked to professional betta breeders from all of the world to get prepared to launch this business. Their relationship with these international betta breeders from all over the world is exactly how they are able to bring these unique pet fish to you! JV Betta is now shipping high quality exotic betta fish throughout the United States and all over the world.

Meet the Bettas!

JV Betta imports, exports, and breeds exotic betta fish for sale. They carry female betta fish for sale and male betta fish for sale. You can find exciting and unique multicolor bettas, exclusive galaxy koi betta fish, as well as standard koi betta fish for sale in their online tropical fish store. They also breed and sell half moon plakat and more varieties of beautiful betta fish!

Buying Betta Fish

Can you buy betta fish online? Yes, you can buy bettas online and have them safely shipped to your home. JV Betta makes buying betta fish online a snap. Their easy to navigate website allows you to browse and purchase betta fish online. They also provide information about betta fish care, betta types, and more on their website. New information about bettas and new fish and products will be added often. They want their customers to have a great experience buying, receiving, owning, and caring for betta fish!

Shipping Betta Fish

How does it work? Is it safe for the fish? Yes, while shipping betta fish seems odd, these tough fish stand up to shipping very well. JV Betta carefully and safely packages and ships them right to your home as quickly as possible. Our proven shipping methods are safe for betta fish. We guarantee they will arrive healthy and ready for their new home.

A Message from JV Betta:

We are so excited to be able to share our beautiful and beloved betta fish with the United States and the world! We take pride in our betta fish, our betta fish products, and taking care of our customers. We want you to have a great experience from ordering to caring for your bettas. We are here to help get you started on your journey to owning and loving these wonderful pets.

Contact Info:
Name: JV Betta
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Organization: JV Betta LLC.
Phone: 941-208-2800
Website: http://www.jvbettafishforsale.com

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