Exness bonus guide 2021

Exness is a Cyprus-based Forex trading broker. Over the past few years, Exness has gained a lot of popularity. The reason for Exness's rapid growth and popularity is partly because of Exness bonus programs. Exness has made a name for itself for being convenient and simple for new users, and they have done it by offering many features. Exness has always been an attractive option for new users. The bonus programs are mostly like icing on a cake, you don't buy the cake because you want the icing, but it looks better that way.

This article will discuss Exness's bonus offers and programs that the broker is offering in 2021. We will discuss the bonuses that Exness offers and also talk about how you can avail of them. Lastly, we will talk about how beneficial these bonuses are.

Exness bonus – why offer a bonus?

At the start of this article, Exness has made a business and a user base around convenience offerings. Exness is good at making the trading process look and feels simpler than it is. The Exness bonus program does pretty much the same thing but in a different way. The bonus that Exness offers is, statistically speaking, not of such great value. It benefits the broker more than it benefits the client.

New clients are looking for a broker to start trading with, and the word "bonus" doesn't sound bad to anyone.

Types of bonuses

You might be wondering what kind of bonuses Exness offers to its clients. There are a few different types of bonuses that brokers offer to their users. Some of the most popular ones being;

  • New user bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Holiday bonus

We will discuss the first two of these bonuses individually to help you understand what these are and whether Exness is currently offering them or not.

Exness new user bonus

A new user bonus is one of the most common types of bonuses in Forex trading. Brokers offer this bonus to attract new users. Users find this bonus a good option because the broker is a good welcome gift to get them started. 

Exness new user bonus can be availed by anyone who doesn't have an Exness account. The bonus is a 10% deposit bonus that the user gets on their first trade. 

Who can avail of this bonus?

This bonus is for every new user on Exness. The user can't have an account on Exness before. The premium account users can't get this bonus on their new account either.

How do I get this bonus?

The first step of getting this bonus is to set up a new account. Setting up a new account is simple and takes a few usual steps;

  • Registering for a new account
  • Verifying account
  • Making a deposit
  • Making a trade

These few steps will get you eligible for Exness new user or Exness sign-up bonus. Exness new user bonus is a 10% bonus. Users can deposit money before verifying their accounts, but they can't claim the bonus reward without verifying. 

How can you use this bonus?

The Exness, 10% bonus, is a deposit-based bonus that users can use on their first trade. The users can't withdraw this amount that they get as a bonus.

  • Deposit funds in a new account
  • Select and make a trade
  • Get a bonus on it

The amount of money that the user will deposit and put into their first trade will get a 10% bonus as a reward by Exness. 

How good is Exness sign-up bonus offer

Exness sign-up bonus offer is around the market standards. It is a good offer overall, but you can find brokers who offer better sign-up bonuses. The good thing about the Exness bonus offer is that Exness is a reputable broker. Mostly we see brokers who are not very good, offering bonuses to get customers. 

Referral bonus

Referral bonus offers to mean that the broker or the company will give the user a certain bonus amount to invite more users to the broker. This is a good strategy by the broker to get more customers. The users don't lose anything, and they get a nice bonus amount for inviting their friends and introduce them to the Forex trading business.

Exness Referral bonus

Exness bonus referral program is not available throughout the year like the new user bonus program. Exness offers a bonus to the existing users if they invite their friends. It helps the user to have more friends involved in the Forex trading, and the company gets more users. 

How to get a referral bonus?

Referral bonus on Exness works differently than the sign-up bonus. Users can go to the "invite friends" section and copy their unique link. The user must send the link to their friends, and if they sign up using that link, the user will get a referral bonus.

What will your friends get?

Your friends can get the new user sign-up offer. Even if the friends you referred to Exness use their new user sign-up bonus, it will not affect your referral bonus amount.

Is it a continuous bonus?

Exness referral bonus is a one-time bonus offer. Some brokers offer referral bonuses where the user who invited their friend on the platform will get some percentage of the bonus money that their friend makes. In the Exness bonus, the two users are segregated, and the activities, i.e., of one user, do not affect the other user in any way.

Frequently asked questions

Users often have some questions and confusions regarding Exness bonus offers,

Is Exness sign-up bonus withdrawable? 
No, users can not withdraw the bonus amount that they get as a new user bonus.

Is Exness new user bonus a scam?
Exness new user bonus is a legit bonus program.

Is the Exness bonus currently available?
Exness new user bonus is available throughout the year.

Our Takeaway

Exness bonus program is a good scheme to get new customers. It benefits the new customers a little bit, but it is not a deal maker. If you want to find a broker based on good bonus offerings, some brokers offer higher bonus rewards. The Exness bonus program is a good cherry on top if you have already decided to go with Exness.

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