Exhibition Plinths Limited Announces Availability of New, Free Exhibit Creation Guide

"The Secrets to Setting Up the Perfect Exhibition" will help even those with no prior experience design and set up attention-grabbing, fascinating exhibits, Exhibition Plinths Limited reports.

Exhibition Plinths Limited, one of the United Kingdom's leading producers of bespoke plinths, display cases, podiums and related goods, announced the availability of a free guide titled "The Secrets to Setting Up the Perfect Exhibition." The new, free work, aimed at manufacturers, retailers, and other organizations with an interest in attending trade shows and otherwise showing off products to the best effect, contains a number of helpful tips and strategies, as well as a step-by-step outline for ensuring success. Since the company's founding in 2008, Exhibition Plinths Limited has become one of the most-trusted and often-recommended sources for the sorts of products the company specializes in.

"The very heart of our business here at Exhibition Plinths Limited is the way that we help our clients show off their products and assets in the most flattering way possible," marketing director Ellie Kirby said, "and our new, free guide helps to convey the many lessons of this sort that we have learned." The company's new guide, available free of charge at its website, centers around a list of progressive steps to be taken when planning a brand new exhibit for any sort of product or other item. The guide incorporates the latest findings and best practices from the fields of design, marketing, and psychology, combining and distilling these insights into a form that will be easily accessible to all readers. Many who have previewed the guide have been able to use it to create compelling, attractive exhibits of their own, despite having no prior experience, and Exhibition Plinths Limited expects the same to be true of the just-released version of the work.

Exhibition Plinths Limited is one of the United Kingdom's leading suppliers of custom-made plinths, podiums, jewellery display cases and other, related products. Founded in 2008 by furniture designer Richard Williams, the company has grown to serve some of the country's largest and most demanding customers, while keeping a focus on working closely with smaller clients, as well. All of the plinths and other products Exhibition Plinths Limited creates are delivered in finished form, and can be embellished with company logos and other graphical touches as desired. The company's display cases are available in a variety of configurations, including options as to the type of built-in lighting and other details. Over the course of its years in business, Exhibition Plinths Limited has created plinths and exhibition stands for such major clients as Adidas, Ernst & Young, the Royal Mint, and Apple.

"Creating a beautiful, attention-grabbing exhibition is easier than many people would think," Kirby concluded, "as our new guide does a great job of showing. We're excited to be able to provide this concise, highly useful book to our prospective customers and anybody else who is interested in the subject." Those interested in acquiring copies of Exhibition Plinths Limited's new guide may do so, free of charge, at the company's website, where extensive descriptions of its product lines may also be found.

About Exhibition Plinths Limited:
Founded in 2008, Exhibition Plinths Limited is one of the United Kingdom's leading producers of plinths, podiums, light boxes, display cases, and similar goods. The company's products are regularly used in some of the highest-profile events in the country, and it provides a wide variety of clients with the industry's highest levels of customer service.

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