Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. To Release Custom Nutrition Software In Summer 2016

This Summer, Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. will be debuting their state of the art Custom Nutrition Software called "What Works". The company developed the meal planning software in an effort to help personal trainers, gym owners, and dietitians boost their efforts within the health and wellness community.

Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc., an educator and business support specialist, is set to release their latest software endeavor this summer of 2016. The “What Works” Custom Nutrition Software is designed to help nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, and even gym owners in the management of client nutrition and wellness.

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Stephanie Gillam, B.S., M.B.A., has tried the software, and writes the following: “The software is producing spectacular results for the businesses and it is changing the lives of the clients that are using it. Many clients are seeing huge results within the first two weeks. Clients are losing on average 4 – 7.5 pounds every 2 weeks and upwards of 2-5% body fat. But the most exciting thing is that they are learning new habits that are going to stay with them for life. These are the kinds of changes that impact people forever and create a lasting, successful business.”

One of the major points of the “What Works” nutrition software being highlighted by Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. is its ability to be fully customized, rather than work as a one-size fits all product. The data used to program the software can be made to fit the nutritional needs of a bodybuilder, vegan, paleo, vegetarian, or figure competitors. It also allows the proprietor to alter the availability of certain foods, food groups, and beverages, so that a client is unable to add them to a meal plan, even if it is an available ingredient in their regular diet. Lucho Crisalle, company CEO describes his own experiences with the tool through a video found on the company website. He advises that for his clients he often removes the availability of fruit juice to limit sugar intake, while still allowing for the consumption of the fruit which the juice comes from. This allows his clients to receive all of the valuable nutrients without any added sugars.

Another benefit of the online nutrition software, which the company is promoting, is the ability to take it anywhere a proprietor or client goes. From the laptop at home to the tablet or mobile smartphone, the program is always within reach.

To learn more about Stephanie Gillam, Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc., and the upcoming meal planning software for Summer 2016, please use the following contact information to get in touch:

Contact Name: Lucho Crisalle

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Contact Info:
Name: Lucho Crisalle
Email: Lucho@NutritionCertification.com
Phone: 866-719-6757
Organization: Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc.

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