Exclusive Wool Fresh Technology Paired with Fine New Zealand Leather Sets the $2,495 LLANA Gym Bag Apart

LLANA is a Boston-based company that designs and engineers solutions using a patented wool blend in everyday lifestyle apparel for the active woman on the go. The LLANA Bag is the company’s flagship product.

With a limited pre-order launching today at shopllana.com, LLANA is premiering luxury fitness gear with its $2,495 LLANA Bag. Only 100 women will experience the seamless combination of fashion and function during the bag’s first release.

The LLANA Bag is made with Wool Fresh technology and is the only product in which the enhanced wool fabric is offered. At a loss for a protective inner-lining that provided ease of care and increased the durability of the fine leather it’s matched with, LLANA engineered its own. Wool Fresh is specifically designed to preserve the quality of your belongings and the value of your leather bag so that it lasts a lifetime.

Wool Fresh enhances wool’s inherent properties to create a protective lining that’s more functional and durable. What this means for women with a busy lifestyle is that they can store their shoes and other items in their bag without worrying about damaging the interior. In the LLANA Bag, Wool Fresh acts as a filter keeping belongings fresh.

The classic refinement of high quality leather gives an elegant look, while the hard-working Wool Fresh technology provides a natural and functional material that allows for everyday use. The patented fabric is lightweight, natural, and luxurious. Balancing rare New Zealand leather with exclusive Wool Fresh material, the LLANA Bag is a one-of-a-kind innovation in high fashion.

Designed for women with an active lifestyle, the LLANA Bag empathizes with busy schedules and makes it possible for women to keep all their essentials close by in a fashion-forward, all-purpose bag. LLANA seeks to marry a woman’s active life and her professional appearance with a luxury bag that transitions along with her throughout the day.

For women who can’t wait to experience the functionality of the LLANA Bag, the high end leather carry-all is currently available for a limited pre-order run of 100 bags at www.shopllana.com for a special pre-order discount of $1,495.

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