Exclusive Insight: What to Expect from the Slow Mo Sloth Club

Slow Mo Sloth Club is an NFT collection of the 6,000 most philoslothical creatures living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Slow Mo Sloth Club

Be prepared to welcome the new sensation in the NFT market. Meet the Slow Mo Sloth Club (SMSC)! This collection of uniquely designed NFTs contains 6,000 most philoslothical handcrafted creatures living on the Ethereum blockchain. These are called the SMSC Genesis Sloths.

At first sight sloths might be slow movers but have been around since the age of Pangea. Hence, it's safe to say the Slow Mo Sloth Club is here to stay. By owning one of their NFTs users can continue to build the sanctuary and welcome more struggling creatures.

SMSC will strive to continuously create more value for their most trusted volunteers. As a bonus, early adopters will be handsomely rewarded for laying the foundations of their wildlife hub.

Important Information About the Mint

Whitelist slots are already open, and everyone has an equal chance to become one of the 1,000 early adopters (users can mint up to 3 sloths). Thus, 50% of the supply (3000 sloths) is reserved for the exclusive pre-sale that goes live on March 18th. Any left over will be added to the public sale supply.

Whitelist (0.15 ETH): March 18th @6pm EST
Public (0.2 ETH): March 20th @2pm EST

Be aware and make sure to have MetaMask wallet created and funded!

Afterwards, users will be able to list sloths on secondary marketplaces, for example OpenSea.

New Smart Contract

The crew will be deploying a newly updated smart contract implementing ERC721A which is an improved implementation of the previous IERC721 standard. It is a massive win in terms of gas fees. Instead of minting three sloths at once and paying triple the gas fee, the cost will now be closer to the same fees as minting just one.

The Supply

The SMSC sloths are divided into two genders: male and female. When minting SMSC Genesis Sloth, it will either receive a male or a female gender trait, randomly assigned by the smart contract, with a 75% chance of being a male and 25% chance of being female. This trait will be revealed alongside with unique artwork 24 hours after the sale has ended (March 24th).

Contribute to the Creation of a New Generation

According to the latest press release, if users have both genders (male + female) it can stake a sloth couple. Holders have to lock both of their NFTs for 4 weeks to receive a free SMSC Baby Sloth which will become the start of the next generation sloths. There will be a breeding fee of 0.2 ETH unless users decide to lock couples. This feature will be available after the NFT Locking period is over.

If users only own a male or a female and do not have the option to buy the other gender on OpenSea, the chance to breed sloth will still be given. By owning a female sloth, users can put it up for surrogate (siring) where users set own price that a male sloth holder has to pay in order to use their female sloth for breeding. The female sloth holder receives the siring fee, and the male sloth holder receives the baby sloth itself. After that, the female sloth will no longer be able to breed. The project will take 5% of the sire fee, half of which will go towards the staking pool.

The grand reveal of Baby Sloths will take place on May 23rd 2022.

Baby Sloth Staking

There will be a maximum of 1,500 baby sloths. These will have second-hand royalties set at 8%.

Once the baby sloth is revealed, users will shortly after have the option to put it up for staking. Based on the sloth’s rarity and the staking period, users will receive a percentage profit which is paid out in the community token. If it is staked for the entire 8-week period, users will receive a complimentary Baby Bottle, if not, a fee of 0.2 ETH will be charged. After combining the baby sloth with the baby bottle, sloth will then grow up to become a Generation 1.

Adult Sloth, which will be important for the next phase (July 26th).

The Community Token will be liquefied by the 50% of the second-hand royalties of baby sloths, 50% of the siring fee and 25% of the breeding profits. This means that the value per token is defined by how many are bred, sired and sold.

The Noble Mission Behind Slow Mo Sloth Club

The original idea was born in December when the team came together to create exceptional sloths for the purpose of helping endangered animals.

The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) is a charity dedicated to saving sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives. The owners pledge to donate 5% from the pre-sale and public sale, as well as 0.5% of the royalty income to help their cause.

A Team of Professionals

The company of experts behind SMSC has extensive and diverse experience ranging from feature film and games to online marketplaces and web development. Users can easily find more about them on their public website. Every step to be taken regarding the project is also transparently stated on their official roadmap.

This publication has been released in collaboration with CoinBoosts x Slow Mo Sloth Club.

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