Exclusive hCG Diet Treatments For Clients Who Want to Quickly Burn Body Fat

Diet Doc’s team of weight management professionals have developed specially formulated hCG diet treatments that target stored body fat in the stomach, thighs and underarms for fast weight loss without intense exercise routines.

After the holidays, many dieters in Miami are ready to eliminate some of their excess body fat but may not necessarily want to dive into a demanding exercise routine. Diet Doc understands Miami’s demand for fast and easy weight loss without discomfort and, with this in mind, created their specially formulated hCG diet treatments that naturally target stored body fat and flush it out of the patient’s body for nearly immediate weight loss results. Combining Diet Doc’s exclusive hCG diet treatments with a healthy, low calorie meal plan has allowed thousands of clients to successfully lose weight, with some losing up to almost a pound of excess body fat per day.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, most commonly referred to as hCG, is a hormone that is naturally produced by women when they are pregnant. Should the mother not have immediate access to food, hCG targets stored body fat, mobilizes that fat and directs it to the fetus for nutrition. When used as a weight loss tool in hCG diet treatments, hCG continues to target stored body fat but instead of using that fat for fetal nutrition, it encourages the patient’s body to flush the fat from their internal system. The stubborn body fat that has proven to be unresponsive to diet change and exercise is effectively targeted and eliminated from hard to reach areas of the body once the patient begins incorporating hCG diet treatments into their weight loss program.

Patients can choose to receive their treatments as an oral drop, as a sublingual tablet or as an injectable solution. Many Diet Doc clients have chosen to use hCG injections for their weight loss needs because they have been enhanced with vitamin B12 to increase energy levels throughout the day. But, regardless of the form patient’s choose to receive their treatments as, they can feel confident that they will begin seeing their embarrassing body fat melting away.

Diet Doc is committed to providing their clients with only the highest quality of ingredients and, within each product shipment, patients will receive a Certificate of Analysis detailing not only the components of their hCG diet treatments, but also the levels of active ingredients contained within. Unlike other hCG diet plans, Diet Doc utilizes prescription hCG levels high enough to produce fast, effective weight loss results. Many other programs may not require a physician prescription, but only offer their clients homeopathic hCG levels that are too low to produce any real weight loss. And, to ensure that only appropriate levels and quality ingredients are used to produce these exclusive diet treatments, Diet Doc develops all supplements in their own, United States based and fully licensed pharmacies.

Embarrassing, excess body fat does not have to continue to be a struggle for dieters in Miami and they do not have to suffer through strenuous exercise routines to eliminate it. By simply following a healthy meal plan and enhancing that plan with Diet Doc’s hCG diet treatments, patients will see fast weight loss results and will begin leading healthier, more active lives.

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