Exciting new Super Sports Car Emerges with Exciting Indiegogo Campaign perks

Sbeza Vertigo is a new and innovative limited-edition sports car design emerging from the heart of Europe. The company is funding its initial production and offering contributors a unique opportunity and some fantastic perks.

Anyone interested in high-performance luxury sports cars will know the biggest names in the industry. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati are among the world's most famous and most desired sports cars. Now, however, there is a new kid on the block. Introducing Sbeza Vertigo – the new super sports car sitting on the verge of taking the world by storm!

The Vertigo will take its place among the proud elite of the sports car world in the same way they got started. Vertigo will be a limited-edition, hand-made automobile but it will come at a price that's a great deal more affordable than its competition. Although certainly not a mainstream mass-production car, the Sbeza Vertigo will be more affordable than other vehicles in its class.

“We wanted to put together something very special,” commented (designer) Dominik Robek from the company, “something that was not just for the super-rich. We want to offer the world a line of high-end cars that can be made available to a wider market. The Vertigo is just the beginning.”

Sbeza Vertigo comes out of the Czech Republic and the country's long-time interest in the automobile manufacturing industry. The company was founded by a group of eight people who have had experience in many areas of business that directly relate to the launching of this new and innovative car. The founders include a master mechanic, dealership operator, designer, race driver, engineer, plastics producer and renovator among others.

“After several years of meetings and discussions,” continued Jiri Jilek (head founder project) , “we finally hammered out the plan for Sbeza Vertigo. We wanted a hand-made exclusive small car that would be both high-end and affordable.”

The founders have put together a system that will allow them to meet all of their criteria. Their first model, Sbeza Vertigo, will be a hand-made, affordable and high-performing sports car with an estimated run of just under 600 vehicles. It is felt that this exclusivity will please car lovers and give them something to brag about and be proud of while at the same time not costing an enormous sum to acquire.

The founders have invested a great deal into the program and are well on their way. They've designed most of the Sbeza Vertigo and are working on interior design and are about to test the body for aerodynamic performance. They've launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to help raise funds to get to the next step. In exchange, the company is offering some very attractive and unique perks. Unlike many Indiegogo campaigns, this one is based on providing free shares in the business to contributors. With each share going for only $20, anyone can get in on the ground floor and not only share in the success of the Sbeza Vertigo, but contribute their thoughts on designs, new offerings and more. With each larger contribution level, the company is offering additional free shares at about 10% above the contribution. It's clear that this is a unique and powerful opportunity for car lovers.

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About the company:

Founded by eight professionals from the Czech Republic, Sbeza Automotive is beginning in the proud family-run tradition of Ferrari and others. With their decades of combined experience, love for the auto industry and unique vision, the founders of the company are already making great strides in bringing Sbeza Vertigo to life.

The company is well on track for the initial presentation of the Vertigo in late summer or early fall of 2015 and to deliver the first production model that same time in the following year.

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