Ex. Tracy Joy professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist Announces the Opening of Her New School - Therapeutic NLP - School For Personal and Professional Change

Vancouver, British Columbia / Tracy Joy, Founder of NLP Vancouver - a Vancouver based Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practice dedicated to working with adults suffering from psychological pain associated with trauma and childhood related trauma announces the opening of Therapeutic NLP - School for Personal & Professional Change and offering of their first course in NLP and trauma therapy called NLP1: Basic NLP Practice and Certification with registration available through http://www.therapeuticnlp.com/.

The course is for individuals and therapists who want professional development that improves their leadership ability, communication, relatedness, develop deeper rapport, and/or may want personal and professional change. Individuals who’ve already learned NLP will get a deeper level of integration with the material.

“I took NLP from 2 other centres before this one, and this one blew my mind!” - M.Fort

This course is taught in a long format currently not available anywhere else and includes information long since lost due to switch in focus of the work being on business in the early 80’s not therapy. Over half of the information and training includes aspects and ideas that expand upon training and development practitioner to help integrate information not just make good technicians of NLP. The course participants are observed directly by Tracy Joy herself to ensure learning is transferred.

Therapeutic NLP offers a monthly live free 3-hour NLP class open for the public to attend and also offers this class on line in 41 videos. Tracy Lets the public come and observe NLP study groups so individuals can have NLP practiced on them and offers a monthly public Family Constellations Evenings once a month as well.

Visit Therapeutic NLP today at http://www.therapeuticnlp.com/

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