Evo Clear Launches New Range Of Products With 10% Introductory Discount

Evo Clear has innovated a new range of salt free water softeners and whole house water filters that stand to revolutionize clean water within the home.

Clean water is something those in the developed world consider not just a right, but an assumption. However, the supposedly clean water coming through the pipes only need to meet a minimum level of non-contamination rather than optimum level of purity. For those who want truly clean water, they must install a home filtration system that removes additives and pollutants in a natural way. Evo Clear have been creating such systems for years, and have launched a new suite of products that take their efficiency to the next level, and are celebrating with a limited time only 10% off offer.

The new no salt water softener is completely maintenance free and requires no electricity to run, using only environmentally friendly agents to ensure its continued safe use. It promises not only to prevent lime scale and hard water but to eliminate existing build ups, while saving people on appliances, soap and pipe replacements in the long term.

The whole house water filtration offers the ultimate in water purity and comes as a complete system ready to install at the source so that results are seen at every tap in the home, removing hundreds of contaminants to create water more pure than bottled mineral water.

A spokesperson for Evo Clear explained, “Because our new water softeners are salt free they prevent the scouring and corrosion of pipes, while ensuring that limescale does not build up to block them either, therefore optimizing the internal water system of the home not just for taste and clarity, but for function as well. Our solutions are so good they not only prevent build up but help to break down and eliminate existing build up within pipes as well. We are proud to be launching the next generation of water filtration technology which is why we are offering 10% off for a limited time to encourage early adopters to spread the word.”

About EvoClear:
EvoClear is a water filtration company dedicated to providing a sustainable and permanent solution to home water filtration. They offer free water quality tests, have certified Water Quality Association (WQA) installers all across the nation, and will donate 5% of their sales to charities or organizations that help to promote access to quality water in developing countries.

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