Everlesson Software: A Perfect Solution For Marketer’s Membership Demands

A new software called EverLesson has just been launched to the market recently. The product is aiming to create a public marketplace for you to be able to host your videos and get more exposure, which will in turn increase your revenue.

EverLesson is an ultimate solution for user’s membership demands. This tool is the result of a vibrant Facegroup community of members whose popular requests were translated into a platform.

The software can produce engaging, highly profitable membership site in just a few minutes. These memberships will keep user’s members engaged and hungry for more of their products.

With EverLesson, users can choose from a total of 15 custom designed themes. The software’s creators offer many themes for their users to choose from. All custom designed themes are to help user’s members be successful and ecstatic about being a member inside their membership site. Once users have selected their template, the next step is to spend a few minutes optimizing the design. With built-in custom editor feature, users can change the entire look of the theme instantly.

Marketers are able to create their site's pages instantly. In most cases, all they need to do is load one video, and everything is automatically done for them. This product also makes it easy to manage multiple products at the same time. Users need not scroll through pages, nothing to search for, they simply choose the product they want to work on.

EverLesson lets marketers easily create levels so that they can group products together for special access. The software also allows users to create a package and break down a single product for access. This feature is especially useful when their product has different upsells with it.

Moreover, the software includes Gamification feature allowing marketers to issue badges and points to their members when they take action. This product will keep track of these points automatically. User’s members can also receive rewards when they receive these badge. Users can determine the rewards. This will maintain their members coming back again and again, generating their income in the process!

As marketers create their memberships and products, EverLesson is working in the background creating sales pages and linking all their products to their store. Marketers take full control over the look of these pages and what they want it to appear.

EverLesson also has many more features than any other platform.
• New Product Page: Instantly create new product pages with the help of the powerful built-in editor.
• Comments Moderation: Marketers can increase engagement by adding a comment box inside their courses.
• Live Leap & Broadcasting: Play FB Live videos inside of EverLesson by using the LiveLeap software
• Popup Monetization: Users can increase monetization by including pop-ups to membership pages.
• Top Bar Monetization: Additional monetization option with a top bar on the page
• Upcoming Module: A user can display the upcoming modules dynamically to the member so he or she can know what is coming up next
• Manual Payments: Provisions has also been made to accommodate Manual payments.
• New Comment Layout: Fresh design is added
• Manage Sessions: The number of parallel sessions that a particular account can have can be controlled.
• Ratings: Give an option to the members to rate user’s courses

Moreover, EverLesson comes with a dedicated team that included many certified consultants. They are always ready to support and teach users how to drive leads into their business.

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