Everbooked Launches Comp Tool for Airbnb Hosts -- Shows Hosts How to Price and What Their Neighbors Make

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One of the biggest pain points for Airbnb hosts is determining what they should charge. With Everbooked's first-of-its-kind 'comps' tool, hosts and property managers now have a new way to quickly assess their local Airbnb scene, and figure out what their place is worth.

On June 23, Everbooked, a leading provider of automated airbnb pricing for Airbnb hosts, is launching a first-of-its-kind comparable listings research tool to help Airbnb hosts (and potential hosts) understand their local market.

David Ordal, CEO of Everbooked, said he's "really proud to be launching the Airbnb Comps Tool today. Airbnb hosts and property managers in major U.S. metros can now find out what their neighbors are making with their Airbnbs and figure out how to better price to market".

Potential hosts can research Airbnb rental income potential and pricing to find out how much they might make if they listed their property.

Highlights of the new Comps Tool include:

- Easy to use: just enter your Airbnb URL and hit 'Compare'.
- The top ten comps are immediately returned, along with pricing recommendations.
- Everbooked includes all key details for each comp: their average yearly price, their low and high prices from the last year, their forward looking 30 day and 90 day occupancy, and estimated amount of monthly revenue
- Comps are displayed in list form (closest match first) and as geo pins on a map.
- Links are provided to each comparable property.
- Access to the tool is free and is available in the top 22 largest Airbnb markets in the US, incl. New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. For a full list of cities supported, see: www.everbooked.com/cities

In order to provide reliable comps, Everbooked does a ton of Airbnb data collection and number crunching daily. Data is then stored -- terabytes of it -- in a large scale object store, and a series of statistical algorithms are run on it to calculate metadata about each listing. From there, the new tool use a series of proprietary algorithms to filter out the 'junk' listings -- test listings, or hosts who list their property but then never open up their calendar for bookings.

When comps are requested by inputting an Airbnb URL, the software identifies key attributes of the listing, and then uses data collection and analytics mechanisms to sort through the universe of available listings, scoring and ranking them. Key attributes considered include: room type, capacity, number of bedrooms, proximity, price, occupancy...and more.

As Jason Ware, Senior Engineer stated: "Knowing how to price successfully requires knowledge of how others are pricing successfully for the same types of properties nearby. This new tool delivers realistic pricing recommendations, and lists the set of properties used in calculating those recommendations."


“The Everbooked Airbnb Comps Tool is the first of it’s kind in the marketplace. In our work with Airbnb host clients and property managers, it was clear that a big pain point was determining what to charge for a given listing. Everbooked's new software provides a fantastic way for hosts to quickly assess their local Airbnb scene, and figure out what their space is worth. The new tool gives stats on how a host's neighbors are doing, so they can better understand where they need to improve.” - David Ordal, CEO

“The new comps tool does the legwork of monitoring the local Airbnb scene for hosts and managers. Beta testers told us they appreciated how easy it was to use, the pricing and revenue info provided and the links to comparable properties all in one neat display.” - Doug Ross, Business Development

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