Eurus Economics Blockchain Mainnet Deployment

Eurus network is proud to announce that they have successfully deployed to Eurus mainnet which supporting cross-chain interoperate. And the first transaction confirmed on 18/10/2021.

About Eurus

From proof of concept to mainnet deployment, Eurus are focused on how to develop the most flexibility network environment for different industries.
First at all, they made the change on the nodes infrastructure and realized their project objective.

The Eurus node is connected to each other within the networking layer, which is the driving force for delivering information exchange requirements. This includes new block diffusion and transaction information for establishing a better data flow.

Consensus mechanism

By using PoA consensus mechanism, Eurus eliminated miner threshold. For the purpose to enhance the transaction speed and steadily the gas price. According to the blockchain explorer of Eurus, the average transaction confirmation lead time just 2 seconds and the first transaction Hash is 0x1aa8acee21f5ea78c181035c39892a45e94838d537b8c87714d0257c52794566. And transfer asset is 1000 EUN, then the gas fee is 0.0000504 EUN. It estimated equal to 0.000000504 USDT.


Eurus consortium operates for each connected blockchain a group of validator nodes, which as a group provides the proofs of the state of the connected ledger. The group of validator nodes runs a consensus algorithm to agree on the state of the underlying blockchain. Since a proof of the state of the blockchain is produced and signed by several validator nodes with respect to the rules of the consensus algorithm, the state of the underlying blockchain is evaluated network wide.

Outside entities (verifier nodes) can request and register the public keys of the validator nodes of a blockchain network that they want to connect to. Therefore, those nodes can verify the signed proofs of the state of the blockchain since they have the public keys of the validator nodes. This implies that the verifier nodes (outside entities) trust the validator nodes such as trust the Cactus consortium operating the validator nodes.

It benefited the organization developing their decentralized application, private-chain, or smart contract at Eurus blockchain.

On the other hand, Eurus developers are also concern how to prevent the cheat payment transaction which are always the big problem for e-commerce. By applied PoA and IBFT 2.0. algorithm, which is an environment where all validators can be trusted, accountability for actions is present and a reliable transactions throughput can be achieved fulfilling business needs while tolerating byzantine faults and enhance the securing system operability.


Eurus testnet have been launched over 5 month since mainnet deployment. Different with other similar project. Eurus provided a full version on the application for the users to experience on Eurus testnet blockchain. Which included web-based version and mobile application. It simplified the faucet process and allow the users execute asset cross-chain allocation.

There also have a new approached on Eurus wallet, they developed a custodial and non-custodial by one dApp. The most interest way are, they just store the “Salt” of the custodial wallet ‘s private key, instead of the actual private key. It drives custodial wallet at highest security level. Even users forgot the payment password, they still able recovery it by wallet password plus 2FA. That is the reason some of the user named it as “seasoning-custodial wallet”.

EUN is the transactional token that facilitates operations on the Eurus network. All of the programs and services linked with the Eurus are required node power. EUN is a form of payment for network participants to execute their requested operations on the network.

Max. supply: 600M included 400M EUN minted by block creation.

More Information:
Eurus is open-source blockchain protocol based on Hyperledger technology with industry-leading cross-chain transaction speed and flexible network. Their interoperability architecture is one of the most critical infrastructure to reach a prosperous future in the blockchain industry.

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Organization: Eurus Economics Blockchain Network
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Release ID: 89051837