EuropeTravelr Explores The Best Of Berlin In 2013

EuropeTravelr explores Berlin in 2013 and shares the best things to do this year.

The founders behind the travel site EuropeTravelr are planning to step things up and spend 2013 researching the best things to see and do in Europe for a new European travel guide book.

The site, which purely focuses on Europe travel, began their new project in January, 2013 - spending two months in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

With a few more weeks to go, they have already summed up a shortlist of the most popular things to do in Berlin.

“... Berlin is such a huge and vibrant city, and we have so much more to share, but we figured we would start with the most important parts that you really shouldn’t miss on a visit to Berlin...” says Sofia von Porat, co-founder of

According to their latest article about Berlin, one of the main things to do is to visit different neighborhoods, also known as Kiez.

“... Berlin is not like other cities, it doesn’t really have one city center, rather a city center for each district. Every district in Berlin is more like a small town with their own character. On top of that, they are all very different from each other, which makes it even more fun for tourists. Seeing the differences between the neighborhoods in Berlin is to see the real Berlin...” says Nathan Schacherer, co-founder of the site.

The two travel experts will soon be finish their Berlin research, and will be moving on to their next capital city, Prague.

They both say that Europe has so much more to offer than many people think, and want to be able to create a place where people can get inspired and fascinated about the different corners of Europe, and hopefully travel there to explore them and experience the culture and atmosphere themselves.

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