helps you find the best places to laugh all throughout Europe in a single place is a community space for comedians and comedy lovers all throughout Europe. Find events, promote your events, or connect with other comedy lovers in a single place. is an open community space website that aims for comedians all across Europe to connect with one another and help to promote the comedy events held in their respective countries. All in one single social media platform. The goal of the website is to connect Europe through comedy.

The site features a forum style website where users can easily navigate through to find the European country of interest and get more information regarding the comedy shows being held there. Countries such as England, Germany, Spain, France, Slovenia, Slovakia and Malta have their own categories to help organize promotions and discussions. You can even filter down to a specific city like London, or Berlin to see what’s happening there.

With the current vaccination rates around the world picking up and many countries allowing travellers to enter, the website aims to help connect comedy lovers around the world with their love for comedy when visiting Europe.

For users who are constantly on the go and enjoy a good comedy podcast while travelling to work or as a pick me up during the day, the website has a specific category for that section. Users are able to share their favourite podcast and have discussion with other fellow comedy lovers on the podcasts and just have fun.

For comedians, the website also serves as a platform for general discussion about stand up comedy. There are spaces for comedians to receive help or feedback regarding their stand up and get advice from the community. “A shared community resource - a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversations “ said a spokesperson. “Improve the ongoing discussion on any topics by posting comments and feedback while being respectful of the people discussing them in order to help build a better community.”

For more direct discussions they even have a Europe Comedy discord server to complement the forum. With similar categorizations for various countries throughout Europe. And channels for help around various topics related to stand up comedy. Such as help with jokes, setting up events, or simply to connect closer with other comedians and comedy lovers.

About was launched in late 2019 to be an open community space for comedians across Europe to promote their comedy events and connect with other comedians in a single location - rather than across many different social media platforms. Not long after its launch the world was shut down by the deadly covid pandemic. But as countries are finally reaching herd immunity through vaccinations and removing event restrictions hopes to be a place for comedians and comedy lovers to help re-engage their community spaces through comedy events.

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