Eurogold Enjoys Highest Sale in Last Two Quarters since Its Inception

Eurogold’s last two quarters made the firm see highest sales figure in a quarter since it was started.

Eurogold had the highest sales in closet and kitchen furniture in the last two quarters. The company is enjoying such massive success after it was named as one of the best companies to opt for when purchasing kitchen and closet furniture. Since the inception of this company, it has never seen such a sales figure before and according to various officials it will rise even more in the next two quarters.

This organization provides its customers with superior quality products that most of its competitors fail to provide. Their wardrobe and kitchen accessories are second to none, which is why their sale has gone up drastically over time. Moreover, all of their products are manufactured in a way that it meets all European standards for such items.

The VP of this firm remarked, “To be honest, we always try to ensure that our customers have the best of everything. Hence, such high sales figure is not a surprise for us but in just last two quarters it has become more than our entire last financial year’s 6-months sale. Hence, we are more than happy and every member is enjoying this newfound success.”

Wardrobe accessories that this firm sells include pants and clothes rack, acoustic bridge, cavat rack, cabinet rails, etc. Among these most sold options were pants, clothes, and cavat racks as these are necessary items for storing clothes appropriately. In the kitchen accessory category, this company sells cutting boards, shelves, cabinet stock, pots, sliding rails, trash cans, rice bucket, etc. Most sold items in this category were cabinets, racks, and smart trash cans.

Also, recently the organization started covering every city and over 63 provinces nationwide that also helped with increasing their sale massively. With reports that are coming from their marketing and sales department, it seems that this company will increase its sales in the last quarter even more. However, it is being speculated for now but actually figures will be known after the official release of sales number after the last quarter ends.

The marketing head of this firm remarked, “We are glad and overjoyed that we did so well in the last two quarters. However, we are more confident that we can do even better by the end of last quarter and that might make a single quarter to have more sales than an entire financial year before. We are ready for any challenge that might come our way!”

So, it seems that people have already chosen where to get their next closet or kitchen furniture from. As far as the organization is concerned, they are doing great and their sales will increase substantially.
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About the company:
Eurogold was found in 2013 and since then it has developed its business and started serving customers all over Vietnam. Their products meet European standards and look amazing due to their modern and innovative designs. Their products include wardrobe accessories, kitchen cabinets and other accessories, sink and faucets, etc.

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Organization: Eurogold
Phone: 02462603604
Address: Mall Tam Hiep New Market – Huynh Cung – Thanh Tri – Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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Name: Mary Shelton
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Organization: Eurogold
Address: Mall Tam Hiep New Market – Huynh Cung – Thanh Tri – Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Phone: 02462603604

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