Eupterrae Unveils New Line of Essential Oil Necklace Pendants & Pagan Jewelry Designs for Health-Conscious Shoppers Across the World

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Eupterra Foundation’s official webstore: Eupterrae introduced brand new jewelry designs featuring essential oil necklace pendants, wearable aromatherapy accessories and bracelets for its customers.

What started as an information hub concerning ethnomedicine & naturopathy back in 2014, has now become an active online resource for essential oil necklace pendants, and pagan jewelry. Since its inception, Eupterrae has become more than just an average shopper’s haven who is on the lookout for traditional pagan jewelry & trendy accessories.

Thanks to the intuitive original designs from Charlene Allison Rountree, owner and founder of Eupterrae Webstore and Eupterra Foundation, each order comes equipped with active aromatherapy jewelry, essential oil pads and an overall marvelous build quality that speaks volumes about customer satisfaction from every aspect.

What makes it even better is the fact that these jewelry items are packaged in beautifully designed biodegradable boxes – the company leaves no opportunity behind when it is about actively partaking in environmental causes through genuine health friendly products at the same time.

The company recently announced the launch of newly designed Essential Oil Necklace Pendants for teenage girls and women. These pendants are engineered with a small compartment that allows for storing oil pads or anything that can assist in retaining essential oil residue for longer periods of time. The wearers of Eupterrae jewelry not only appreciate the offset innovative designs, but also adore the items for helping them stay relaxed and emotionally balanced throughout their day-to-day endeavors.

Essential oils have been proven to work wonders for human well being. Keeping this ideology in mind, Charlene wanted to design jewelry that would be synonymous to the foundation’s core values. As a result, all jewelry items, bracelets, and accompanying accessories are loved for the multitude of benefits they provide for their owner’s health.

According to various online resources, Eupterrae has reportedly sold over 1,000 essential oil jewelry items from 2016 and onward. More so, Eupterrae products are made available in more than 35 real life brick and mortar shops across the U.S.A to help those customers who don’t get time to surf the internet more often.

For online visitors, there is absolutely no shipping cost on orders that are worth or over $50 in total. This is to ensure that everyone can enjoy a thorough shopping experience, while being able to remain within the feasibility margin at the same time.

Apart from highlighting beautifully designed intricate jewelry sets, Eupterrae is also busy promoting ethnomedicine accessories for its loyal customers. For instance, there is a select number of aromatherapy leather bracelets that induce several health benefits such as stress relief, regulated blood pressure, improved mood state etc. The bracelet designs are trendy and feature a visually appealing color range to encourage customers from various age group into trying them on without any hesitation.

About Eupterrae Online Store:

Founded by Charlene Allison Rountree, Eupterrae is the official essential oil jewelry store represented by Eupterra Foundation. The latter is a weblog for sharing information guides, tips and in-depth analysis on essential oils that help reshape human lives for better. Eupterrae is known for featuring original essential oil pendants, necklaces, bracelets and many other accessories through remarkable design and overall build quality. All thanks to the customers love for organic jewelry products, both Eupterra Foundation and Eupterrae are looking forward to expanding their business worldwide in the near future.

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