Etervin Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Fund Its Innovative Wine Preserver

“As much as $1.5 billion worth of wine is poured down the drain each year.”

Etervin is delighted to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that will enable wine lovers and interested investors, join in crowdfunding its innovative new wine preserving device. According to Etervin, the wine preserver is set to become an industry leader as it can perfectly keep leftover wine deoxygenated over an entire week.

Describing the device as a wine preserving curtain against oxygen, Etervin has revealed that the new wine preserver works by creating a 99% vacuum at the bottom of the bottle using a silicone prototype.

And that its simplistic design allows for easy installation and removal from wine bottles without the risk of harm or spillage.

Users can preserve their chosen bottle of wine by simply pulling the body part of Etervin to fold the silicone, and inserting the silicone seal vertically, into the bottle lip. Twisting the neck clockwise will unfold the silicone, allowing it to be pushed down until it reaches and covers the surface of the wine.

This, Etervin says, makes it safer and more convenient than any other option currently available in the market, as using the device requires only 5 seconds of handling.

The company also claims that its ability to keep out oxygen has been proven by Chungbook National Korean University which found Etervin to be more effective when compared with other forms of wine preservation.

Yet, despite its impressive lineup of better and more efficient features, such as a faultless preservation system, easy handling, and portability, Etervin is affordable and costs 50% less of what competing products in its niche currently charge.

“We are confident that our new product will encourage people to drink less as they no longer have to worry about losing freshness or taste. And also help drastically reduce the amount of wine being poured down the drain. Our goal is to revolutionize the drinking habits of the entire wine industry, from individuals to wine clubs, bars, restaurants, and tasting rooms. Etervin is small, can easily be carried around, and is cheaper than other wine-preserving products.” - Daniel Jang, Marketing Manager.

The company says it is offering interested investors and wine lovers who understand the value of its new wine preserver, as well as the impact it will have on the industry, a chance to join the Kickstarter campaign and help take the product mainstream.

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