Estelles Secret APS Introduces Exclusive Line Of High-Quality Hair Extensions

More than one-third of women around the world use hair extensions. See how Estelles Secret is providing these women with the high-quality options they need and deserve at

Recent research statistics indicate that 34 percent of women around the world consider hair extensions an integral part of their regular beauty routine. Of those women surveyed, nearly 90 percent wish to keep this particular beauty habit a secret from others.

It is with this beauty trend in mind that Estelles Secret APS, a premier provider of beauty products, is introducing their exclusive line of high-quality hair extensions for women. It is the mission of Estelles Secret to be able to provide women with hair options that will enhance their natural beauty. Their website, located at, has become a go-to resource that will give women what they need to achieve the look they want.

Aliina Jun, a representative of Estelles Secret Hair Extensions, stated “Estelles Secret came to be while working as a professional hairstylist. During that time, it quickly became obvious how hard it was to locate high-quality clip-in hair extensions. The hair that was available was either too coarse, too thin, or had plastic hairs mixed in. Many other hairstylists in the industry reported having the same problems, and our team took on the challenge of solving the issue once and for all. After traveling to many distant countries to get a better understanding of how hair extensions are made, the result of all that hard work was Estelles Secret's high-quality line of hair extensions.”

As Jun goes on to say, “The majority of women who wear hair extensions wish to keep them a secret. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do with clip-in extensions that don’t look or feel natural. The line of hair extensions that Estelles Secret offers was made to enhance a woman’s beauty and add volume and length to her hair in the most natural way possible. Women who buy our hair extensions report that they look just like their real hair. In addition, they’re easy to maintain and don’t tangle easily.”

“We see it as our job to help women feel beautiful inside and out, and we believe that it can be achieved with our high-quality clip-in hair extensions. We encourage women to use them as often as they’d like to help them look their best as they step out into the world each day.”

About Estelles Secret APS:

Estelles Secret APS is a Denmark-based hair company focusing on providing high-quality clip-in hair extensions to women. The company operates with the guiding principle that the best thing in the world is to make people happy. Consequently, they approach both their sales and manufacturing processes with the ideas that quality is key everywhere and that a pleasant and inspiring brand experience matters. As a small brand that cares about the people buying their products, Estelles Secret APS works with the best manufacturers to produce beautiful and expertly-crafted hair extensions that enhance a woman's beauty and allow her to look her best.

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