Esteem Cosmetic Studio Now Offers Nipple Restoration Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing extends its aesthetic benefits to those undergoing breast reconstruction surgery.

Esteem Cosmetic Studio in Australia now provides nipple and areola reconstruction in addition to other cosmetic tattoo services such as, lip blend, eyebrows and eyeliner cosmetic tattooing.

Cosmetic tattooing completes breast reconstruction surgery by creating 3D nipples and areola. The procedure give patients a light of hope at gaining back their normal body image stripped by the process required to combat breast cancer. This is a non-surgical procedure done under local anesthetic. It uses micropigments that come in a variety of colours to create natural-looking results.

A professional cosmetic tattooist can create a 3D nipples and areola using only the finest techniques to create an illusion of protrusion. It can construct a permanent result that may need retouching every once in a while.

Prior to the procedure, it is important that the patient undergo a consultation with the cosmetic tattooist. This is to assess the patient’s unique skin tone, the right color of tattoo to use and the necessary work required to complete the work.

Cosmetic artists warned interested individual that the market can be filled with shady practitioners, that is why it is important to sort out those that you can certainly trust.

“There is a reason why tattooists need proper training and those without are being let loose in their kitchen to permanently mark people and put their health in danger. It’s shocking", says by professional tattoo artist, Joanna Woszak. She also adds that reputable tattooists use top-quality inks to ensure that the clients are safe.

Esteem Cosmetic Studio in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra have a resident, certified and experienced permanent makeup tattoo artist, Ms. Stacey Rolfe, who was able to provide best cosmetic tattooing results among her clients. She's a member of the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo and been performing this procedure over the last 5 years.

With the demand for excellent results and the need to restore a normal life, breast cancer victims or post-mastectomy patients can have the final piece of the puzzle to the recovery with cosmetic tattooing.

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