Estate Visuals Helps Hotels and Hosts with 360 Virtual Tours

360-degree virtual tours from Estate Visuals are now available to help hotels and accommodation hosts advertise their services. Businesses can increase online engagement and offer safe viewings.

The hospitality industry has had a difficult year, with travel restrictions making it tough for hotels and other accommodation providers to run as usual. With the use of virtual tours, they can ensure that they are able to pick up business again.

Competing with other accommodation providers is always a challenge and has been especially so this year. It is important for businesses to be able to gain a competitive edge by drawing the attention of travellers, particularly when they are largely limited to guests from within the UK. 360-degree virtual tours offer an excellent way to do this.

Estate Visuals, a photography and videography company based in Norwich, England, has launched a new service offering 3D virtual tours. Hotels and accommodation hosts can benefit from a highly visual marketing method that secures more leads.

Estate Visuals offers photography, video tours, and floor plans to estate agents, landlords, and accommodation providers of different types. Their new 360-degree virtual tours service provides another way to advertise accommodation in a visually attractive manner. The 3D tours are ideal for remote viewings and creating a powerful sales tool for businesses.

3D virtual tours offer multiple benefits to hotel owners and accommodation hosts:

- Increase online engagement by up to 300%
- Create almost 50% more qualified leads
- Increased visibility with 80% more website views
- Offer an open house at all times
- Give a more realistic impression of the accommodation - ensuring guests have an accurate depiction of what they can
- Accelerate decision making
- Increase occupancy rates by up to 14%

Virtual tours can help to give businesses such as hotels a competitive edge. It shows that they are transparent and honest about what their accommodations look like, exhibiting every corner instead of only showing photos of specific areas. The tours can be used to exhibit examples of different room types or even to show what every room and space in the hotel looks like for complete openness and accuracy. People are much more likely to click on an advertisement and to book a room or property if they can view a virtual tour.

The process of creating a 360-degree tour with Estate Visuals is simple. After booking, Estate Visuals will visit the property and conduct a 3D scan of the property at a convenient time. They will make sure to carry everything out in a safe way. The images are then processed to create the virtual tour with specialised software before the tour can be delivered.

Estate Visuals help hotels and hosts to increase customer satisfaction, look more professional, and impress potential customers on their website and on social media. Hotels and accommodation businesses that are struggling or just looking for a boost for their brand can benefit from choosing this new service from Estate Visuals.

To find out more about Estate Visuals, visit the website at For enquiries, please contact Donatas by calling 07463849387, emailing or writing to 68 Pottergate, Norwich, Norfolk, NR21DZ.

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