Essential Keto Announces Official Website Launch

Essential Keto offers a selection of recipes which will assist those considering implementing a ketogenic diet. The website has officially launched with a range of guidelines and recipes about the ketogenic lifestyle. Their focus is Change your fuel – Change your life.

Essential Keto and Noline Ludick are pleased to announce the launch of a new website devoted to supporting people to adopt and embrace a keto lifestyle. A ketogenic diet is one which is low in carbohydrates, high in fat and moderate in protein intake. The objective is to force the body to use fat as a fuel, rather than glucose. The benefits of this eating plan are endless. They include weight loss, eliminating cravings and hunger pangs, loads of energy, mental clarity, and improved overall health.

The main characteristics of a ketogenic regimen are that the levels of carbohydrates are low and fat intake is high. In many ways, it is similar to the Atkins diet. It also has some similarities with the Paleo diet. However, Paleo allows some foods which are too high in carbs to be considered ketogenic. The Paleo diet does not permit dairy, unlike Keto. In a ketogenic diet, fat is burned, rather than glucose.

Human bodies typically only store about one day's worth of glucose (converted from carbohydrates). Any excess glucose is converted and stored as fat. The Keto style of eating cuts out the glucose conversion and uses fat only. The energy is much cleaner. To make a significant eating style change such as this, finding a staple of easy and delicious ketogenic diet recipes is essential. Meal plans and understanding what is happening are also helpful during the conversion phase.

Some of the basic foods to include are bacon and eggs, which contain no carbs but do include fats and protein. Easy keto lunches for work and various other recipes and meal ideas are included on the website. There is no emphasis placed on calorie counting and dieters are encouraged to stop eating when they feel full. Suggestions for recipe sources are on the website. Rather than struggling with elaborate and complicated multi-ingredient recipes, the author of the site suggests making use of simple five-ingredient recipes.

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