ESI Motion offers highly efficient, compact Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module (100A in LESS THAN 2 Sq Inches)

California-based ESI Motion is delighted to offer the innovative Dual-Axis Atom Servo Drive Module.

ESI Motion, based in Simi Valley, California, specializes in designing servo drive and motion control solutions for precision military, robotics, automotive and specialized industrial applications. The highly efficient, compact, lightweight Dual-Axis Atom Servo Drive Module is designed to provide optimum functionality for industrial applications where size and weight are crucial.

The ESI Motion Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module, a small servo drive for multiple applications, weighs 1.9oz (53.9g) and measures 45.5mm (L) x 37mm (W) x 10.7mm (H). The maximum output power is 7700W (80 VDC Bus, motor current 100 Amps peak-of-sin). The product boasts a wide range of operating temperatures, making it suitable for aerospace, military, industrial and commercial applications.

ESI Motion’s impressive Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module has been field-tested and the technology incorporates a proven rugged controller and high-efficiency wide band-gap semiconductor-based power drive modules. The module can be customized, offering users the opportunity to access multiple configurations.

The Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module was designed in the US and all products are manufactured at the company’s facility. Rigorous testing has enabled the expert team to create a servo drive system that complies with military and industry standards.

One of the most significant advantages of the Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module is its versatility. This compact, lightweight, efficient servo drive can be used across a broad spectrum of industries, providing precision solutions for agencies, organizations and businesses in the aviation and aerospace field, as well as the military and commercial and industrial firms and bodies. Applications range from gimbals, drones, animatronics and satellites to renewable energy.

Options available with the Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module include a range of input voltages, output current amplitudes and feedback devices. The Atom supports CANBus, CANOpen and EtherCAT. Each product features an industry benchmark user interface to facilitate seamless integration and control and afford flexibility. More information is available at

ESI Motion is also proud to offer a single-axis version, the Proton. The Proton Single-Axis Servo Drive Module is a high-performance digital servo controller capable of providing optimum functionality for the most demanding industrial, military and commercial applications.

About ESI Motion
Founded in 2004, ESI Motion is a global leader, producing efficient, innovative, cutting-edge servo drive technology suitable for use across multiple industries. Specializing in harsh, hostile, challenging environments and mission-critical applications, ESI Motion provides products used in defense and commercial ground vehicles, naval defense and marine vehicles, unmanned systems, aerospace and space applications and traditional and renewable energy production. The Atom Dual-Axis Servo Drive Module has been designed for precision applications where size, weight and power are critical. It is field-tested, and its versatility means that it can be used across a broad spectrum of applications and industries.

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