EShop Detective Blog Publishes its Findings on Folker’s Vert Shock Program

EShop Detective publishes a very detailed Vert Shock review and research findings as shared by Isaac Fuquay. As a basketball player and real user, Isaac Faquay presents a real perception of the program.

Most athletes ascribed their lack of success on the court to their inability to jump high enough off the ground and slam dunk the ball. “For me, it used to be that my vertical was the source of all my troubles on the court because I couldn’t get that high off the ground” says Phil Clarke. Many athletes can surely relate with this experience. As a result, many athletes turn to training programs on the subject and read reviews and users’ feedback before they join any of them. recently posted an in-depth review on a Folker System Vert Shock Program. The training program promises to help athletes improve their vertical jump power and become proficient dunkers in no time. Eshop Detective Blog, as its name suggests, carries out private investigations on products and publishes its findings.

According to the blog, the brains behind the program are Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington and Adam Folker. “The prime objective of this program was to facilitate the athletes in a way that they could improve their vertical jump”, says the blog. therefore seeks to expose all the facts about the effectiveness or otherwise of the program.

To help the intending buyers make an informed buying decision, the website published a thorough review of Vert Shock laced with a first-hand real user’s experience as shared by Isaac Fuquay. Isaac claimed to have gotten mind blowing results from the program.

The blog also carried out a very detailed background check on the creators of the program. “The prime objective of discussing the background of the creators of this program was to to make you realize the fact that ... when a training program is designed by professionals, then it has vision and practical techniques that can truly help the players”, concluded the blog.
Based on scientific principles of slow-twitch fast-twitch muscle fibers, Vert Shock contains plyometric training that help shock a specific group of muscles and make the optimal use of the legs in attaining regular high verticals.

The program has three phases and provides its followers with series of video tutorials and a software that comes with user manual. The online support that this program provides is top-notch.

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