Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 Creates a Pheromone Effect. Extremely Popular with Male Singletons says The Grooming Clinic

Iso E Super is the 'molecule' used to create Molecule 01, the scent enhances the wearers natural pheromones to create a wonderful and unique aroma hailed by male singletons.

The Grooming Clinic is the international leading authority in male grooming and men's skincare. The company stocks many fragrances from brands such as Beardsley, Jack Black, Sachajuan, Mr Natty Yumaki and the creators of Molecule 01, Escentric Molecules.

On their Molecule 01 page The Grooming Clinic say, “Escentric 01 will challenge the senses of your peers. This uplifting aroma will get people talking and will add an air of exclusivity to your personal cache. Formulated with an incredibly high concentration of Iso E Super, Escentric 01 is long-lasting and consistent.” Molecule 01 can be worn by both men and women, the fragrance is popular with celebrities, it is known to be worn by Madonna, Elton John, Dita von Teese and Kate Moss.

Many fragrances are created with more than 100 ingredients, Molecule 01 has just one. The one ingredient in Molecule 01 is called Iso E Super, Iso E Super creates a pheromone effect and a has unique smell on everyone who wears it. In the animal kingdom pheromones act to the vomero nasal organ are known to attract the opposite, this pheromone effect has not been has not been confirmed in humans but The Grooming Clinic say Molecule 01 is very popular with male singletons.

The Grooming Clinic say that Molecule 01 is the most popular fragrance from the award winning Escentric Molecules collection, the scent is formulated by master perfumer Geza Shoen and has taken the world by storm since it's launch in 2006.

On their Escentric Molecules page The Grooming Clinic say, “Molecule 01 is the champion product in the collection and is adored by celebrities worldwide, not to mention being one of the world's most popular fragrances. Escentric Molecules are completely unique, you won't have witnessed anything quite like them before.” Many people cannot overtly smell Molecule 01 on themselves but will get many comments when wearing it. The heat of the skin is integral the one ingredient of Molecule 01 volatilising properly, The Grooming Clinic recommend Molecule 01 is sprayed onto the pulse points and worn with confidence.

The Grooming Clinic say due to it's alcohol content they can only ship Molecule 01 to UK addresses, the company offers free UK delivery for all orders over £10.

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