Error Tools Launches PC Error Repair Program To Optimize PC Functioning For Free

Error Tools has created a new free to download application that offers PC users the chance to correct registry and system errors as well as dll malfunctions without the need for outside help.

System errors, registry errors and DLL errors are extremely frustrating for users of PCs, as they represent a complex and limiting malfunction that prevents them accessing key data and programs, but cannot be easily fixed without a level of expertise not possessed by the average user. As a result many people seek out paid help from IT experts to resolve their issues which can often be expensive and time consuming. Error Tools has created a new advanced system optimization program that can solve these issues from within the PC without any tech knowledge requirements, and have made it freely available for download.

The Error Tools Windows PC Repair Software can be freely downloaded from their website and installed in minutes, with a minimal hard-drive footprint and low resource consumption to leave the PC’s power focused on fixing the problems themselves. The software comes with an intuitive user interface and can handle and resolve all manner of commonly occurring PC errors.

The program is the first in a planned Error Tools PC Repair series which will aim to optimize PC performance without the need to take the PC into a store and have it tuned by experts who charge a premium for their services. These free tools represent an exciting development for users.

A spokesperson for Error Tools explained, “We have created a user friendly, intuitive and easy way to repair basic system errors from within the PC itself, finding the missing or corrupted files and replacing them with healthy, up to date versions that will allow the computer to function properly once more. By fixing registry errors users can expect significant improvements in performance too, an all this is provided free together with our existing resource center full of guides and how-to’s that put the power to repair a PC back in the hands of the users.”

About Error Tools:
Error Tools strive to tackle PC errors, especially on Windows machines, so that users don’t have to. They provide in depth guides, advice and solutions to the most common Windows errors. They also understand the Windows system internals and that gives us an advantage in crafting solutions and software that help tackle problems effectively.

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