Equipboard Announces New Service To Create Everyone's Unique Sound

Equipboard offers musicians the unprecedented opportunity to discover their sound through their musical influences.

Every musician out there is different, and their many influences help shape their sound. Online music gear database Equipboard understands the intricacies of this and has created an exciting feature for its visitors. The Gear Recommender gives users suggestions about which gear to check out based on their musical influences. For the musician that understands the importance of creating a unique sound, this is incredible indeed.

Effect pedals, guitars, synthesizers and much more are available for search in the new feature. One can choose their favorite artists, and the Gear Recommender sorts through their Equipboard profiles to find the most used gear in the chosen category. The tool will show if any two or more artists of their choice overlap in terms of gear used. Equipboard's artist database is extensive and encompasses years of music history and all of its legends to help musicians craft their unique style.

By creating an account, musicians can track their favorite artists and see what kind of gear they are adding to their arsenal. The site also offers a library of music gear articles and buying guides (including the very informative guide to the best websites for online guitar lessons) as well as boasts a large community of ardent music fans and musicians who love to discuss the latest gear and features.

The Gear Recommender is sure to spread like wildfire among musicians as it is an exciting feature indeed. For those looking to perfect their sounds through the influences of the greats, this site is an excellent option. With Equipboard’s Gear Recommender, the process of finding the right gear has never been easier for musicians. And that is a reason to celebrate.

About Equipboard: Equipboard is an online database of music artists and their respective gear. Since 2013 musicians have had a place to commune and discuss their favorite artists and their equipment. Headquartered in Austin, TX we are proud to present the type of features that allow musicians to perfect their sound and give them the freedom to understand how their heroes create theirs. Gear Recommender is the next step in our mission to deliver knowledge to each musician out there, working hard, and playing harder.

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