ePharmacies.com Announces Huge Savings on Narrow Therapeutic Index (NTI) Drugs From Canadian Pharmacies

An average savings of 80% from safe, licensed Canadian pharmacies

Today, ePharmacies has announced an average savings of 80% for Narrow Therapeutic Index (NTI) Drugs from safe and licensed Canadian pharmacies. ePharmacies.com helps consumers find “traditionally expensive” name brand drugs at much more affordable prices than patients would normally be charged from their U.S. pharmacies.

U.S. insurance companies push generic drugs, which are “required” to use the same active ingredient found in brand name equivalents. Generics often contain completely different binders, fillers and colors. This can cause serious problems for people who are allergic or highly sensitive to these unknown ingredients. If the insurance companies give generics as the only option under prescription policies, the patient is not guaranteed to get the medicine they really need, because generic manufacturing cuts corners and does not manufacture the same exact formula.

According to experts, “The FDA has a peculiar philosophy about drug importation. It allows pharmacy chains, drug wholesalers, big box discount drug stores and nursing homes to purchase drugs from all over the world. Most generic drugs are imported, with China and India supplying both raw materials and finished pills. There have been many issues regarding fraud and quality control at so many of these foreign plants. However, if a U.S. resident tries to buy brand name medications directly from Canadian online pharmacies, the FDA claims that this is dangerous.”

When U.S. residents purchase brand name medicine from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy, the savings can be huge. Analysis of drug prices in New York City, compared to pricing at Canadian online pharmacies, revealed that the average savings was 81% when brand name drugs were purchased in Canada. The heart drug Lanoxin (digoxin) represented the greatest savings, 94%. The drug is marketed by a different pharmaceutical company from the one in the U.S., but it is truly the same, exact drug.

Drugs such as Tegretol, Cleocin, Catapres and Lanoxin are considered part of a “narrow therapeutic index,” (NTI) drugs. This means the safe dose that works must be precise. This is why it is crucial that patients get a reliable dose that poses no risk of quality control problems or dosage variability, and that is why generics sold in the U.S. can be much more risky than a proper brand-name drug. The FDA’s standards on generic medications have historically been lax, and patients may have an adverse reaction from being forced to take generics. This is why responsible physicians specify only the brand name product for NTI medications.

ePharmacies.com supports the staggering number of U.S. residents who absolutely can not afford their critical prescriptions. So many people want the option to order their medications online, yet come up against perceived safety issues instead of buying “safer, regulated” prescription drugs from a certified U.S. pharmacy. The online marketplace is complex and misperception has lead to accepting these unfair marketplace prescription rules, hindering the public access to affordable medication for those who really need it most. The Internet community must push back against powerful pharmaceutical industry lobbying, greedy insurance companies and Internet censorship.

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