Enzymedica’s Founder Helps Families who are facing Autism.

Enzymedica's visionary founder, Tom Bohager, recognizing the power of education and hope for families facing autism sponsors the Autism Hope Alliance non-profit with the intent of sharing resources and the knowledge of holistic nutrition.

The Autism Hope Alliance is the first non-profit foundation for Autism to emerge from the natural foods industry. Their goal is to help raise funds for programs offered through Generation Rescue, Talk About Curing Autism, A Place of Grace, The Autism Treatment Center of America™ and more to come.

Enzymedica's visionary founder, Tom Bohager, recognized the power of education and hope for families facing the autism diagnosis. His mission was fostered through Enzymedica's financial support of the nationwide Autism Grass Roots Tour and with the intent of sharing resources and knowledge of holistic nutrition to make a difference in the lives of children who are affected by an autism spectrum disorder, and the families that love and care for them. Tom Bohager states, “Early on in my company's history we became involved in a mission to help these children on the path tobetter health. In my business life there has been no greater satisfaction and pleasure than to be able to support and help these families in the autism community.”

As of September 2012, Bohager appointed Kristin Selby Gonzalez as President/Chairman of the non-profit. Kristin has been an Autism Advocate for over 10 years and has done hundreds of lectures worldwide. She has seen her son go from a child who couldn't speak or make eye contact, to a child who now is learning to read, write, rides a bike and participates in activities like gymnastics and karate.

“Common diet modifications for children on the autism spectrum include gluten-free, casein-free, and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet” shares Kristin Selby Gonzalez, President and Chairman of the Autism Hope Alliance, “and supportive enzymes are often used.” With no corn, rice, soy, potato, gluten, casein, sugar, or fillers, Digest Spectrum is the ideal digestive aid for individuals with multiple sensitivities.

Specifically formulated to address multiple food sensitivities, Digest Spectrum offers support for lactose, gluten, casein, and phenol digestion, and is a perfect companion for individuals on

restrictive diets. Between 2011 and 2013 Enzymedica did a campaign for which every 30-count bottle of Digest Spectrum sold, Enzymedica donated $1, and for every 90-count bottle the company contributed $2. For more information on Digest Spectrum, visit www.enzymedica.com.

In addition to the approximate $300,000 Enzymedica donates directly to Autism Hope Alliance, they also graciously donate over $40,000 in products each year, for Autism Hope Alliance to donate to Generation Rescue's: Rescue Family Grant Program a non profit program helping families get started on the right track who also are in financial need.

Enzymedica has also been the sponsor of the “Autism: What the Experts Know” resource booklet, which includes articles from the top doctors and experts in the Autism Community. With 25,000 hard copies given away in the past 4 years (and tens of thousands downloaded at

www.autismhopealliance.org), and a fourth edition to be released in July 2014, Enzymedica's

contribution is helping thousands of families affected by Autism.

Thanks to Tom Bohagers' vision and philanthropic work, the Autism Hope Alliance has been able to assist over 400 families in the past 2 years through programs at Talk About Curing Autism, Generation Rescue, A Place of Grace, the Autism Treatment Center of America and smaller nonprofits worldwide.

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