Envision Frames Launches Campaign To Give Eyeglasses To Those In Need and Now Accepting Bitcoin

EnvisionFrames is now accept multiple cryptocurrencies, and is celebrating by donating eyewear to people in need every time a customer buys eyewear by any means, in their Eye For An Eye program.

Envision Frames a new philanthropic startup coming out of beta has released its "Eye For An Eye" program which gives a new pair of eyeglasses to those in need for every pair purchased on it's website. Envision Frames made this possible by implementing many payment systems for users to buy designer optical wear. By sourcing direct and cutting out many credit card bank fees users can buy eyeglasses via Dwolla and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin via the GoCoin payment gateway. The savings are then passed on to the customers and a portion also goes to the "Eye for an Eye" charitable vision giving program.

Spectacles were invented by the Italians during the medieval period, and images of spectacles can be seen as early as the 14th century. Since then eyeglasses have been an essential for the millions of people with imperfect vision. High quality designer eyewear often comes from Italy or Nordic countries with a high price tag. Many times those most in need of prescription eyeglasses cannot afford to buy a pair of glasses. EnvisionFrames is changing the way designer eyewear is bought online by sourcing high quality name brand eyeglass frames at affordable prices.

Envision Frames eyeglasses, frames and contacts are sourced from the manufacturers directly and then sent to their partner optical lab where prescriptions lenses can be created for the user.

By sourcing the products directly and having the lenses created and implemented in the USA Envision Frames is able to pass the savings on to the user. Envision Frames is also implementing many payment options with cryptocurrencies AKA: digital currencies by accepting Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin as payment for prescription optical wear. Bypassing the credit card fees that banks normally charge Envision Frames is able to pass the discount on to the user and also fund their "Eye For An Eye" program which delivers new eyeglasses to those in need in many parts of the world including Latin America, Asia & Africa.

By accepting many forms of payment including multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other means which bypass credit card fees such as Dwolla, Envision Frames is looking to increase its charitable donations and give buyers of optical wear a voice and decision to companies that are aligned with their personal values. The decision was taken to embrace the 21st century borderless currencies in order to encourage more people than ever to buy eyeglasses online. By doing so, customers will do great good for those with poor vision and slight financial means.

The new "Eye For An Eye" campaign inverts the common meaning of the phrase, instead doing good in the world by donating eyewear to people in need for every pair of glasses sold thru the online store. The 1:1 ratio means that the more popular the store becomes, the more people are helped in the process.

A spokesperson for EnvisionFrames explained, “We are thrilled to announce our Eye For An Eye campaign and our acceptance of cryptocurrency now enables more people to help others by helping themselves. There is no premium placed on our products to support the initiative, which is all taken out of the proceeds from the sale of these high quality, fashionable frames at a price that is more than fair. We look forward to helping more people in need improve their vision throughout 2015 and beyond.”

Envision Frames is now out of beta and offering 1 free pair of lenses everyday to customers who buy a pair of eyeglasses frames on the website. One random winner will be chosen everyday via a random number generator and offered a free pair of lenses or a discount on speciality lenses such as Transitions® Signature™ lenses, computer lenses, zero glare lenses & polarized lenses.

About EnvisionFrames: EnvisionFrames offer a huge range of designer eyeglasses on the market today for major brand names and niche designers for men and women. The company has enacted an "Eye for An Eye" campaign which enables them to donate glasses to those in need for every pair bought in the online store. Now accepting multiple forms of payment including multiple cryptocurrencies.

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